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Order cancellation

I think Fiverr is not fair in making decision . I had a order 3 logos for 60 $ with editable files to , he didnt had any idea of how he want it and i made about 10 logos(including editable files ) and in the end he told me to copy a logo but i didnt then he canceled the order and Fiverr return his money back.My work my ideas are all gone he also have them i have nothing if Fiverr cant find a solution i will quit working on it, its not fair

Do you have a revisions policy in your gig? If not it might be worth adding one.

If you did deliver what you said you would, the buyer can’t complain based on personal taste. That’s in Fiverr’s policies and might be worth mentioning (politely) if this happens again. Of course, you have to juggle whether it’s worth the risk of a bad review…

If the buyer didn’t end up paying you for the logos, then he doesn’t have any rights to use those logos. You could send him a message telling him that. Then if it’s important to you, you could search for him to see if he’s using them anywhere. If you find your logos, you could send a complaint to Fiverr customer service or to the moderators of whatever site he’s on, explaining that he’s using your logos that he didn’t pay for.

Of course, this won’t help you get your time or money back, but it at least means that the buyer doesn’t get your work for free.