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Order Cancellations from Seller

I have had my second cancellation request in 2 days from 2 different sellers. Neither seller has provided a reason as to why they are requesting to cancel after I have asked them. The only thing they type after submitting the request is ‘refund’. Can someone please let me know if you are a seller, what reasons would make you request to cancel an order the very next day after a buyer buys your gig? And any suggestions that can be offered? I’m tired of searching and finding “the perfect gig” only to be denied the next day. Who would turn down money frim a customer willing to pay them??

Reasons could be:

  1. You may have asked to do too much for $5.
  2. You did not contact the seller before ordering.
  3. The seller could not do what you requested.

    Always contact sellers before ordering to confirm if they can do it or not.

Maybe you weren’t just lucky enough! :wink: Here you will find a lot of good sellers, that will contact you day and night! Good luck! :)>-

Reply to @kay2809:

That’s true… sometime it happen buyer want more then 5 hour work in 1 gig and it is not possible to us as seller.

My only advise would be to contact the seller before placing an order. I have had many orders cancelled because the buyer did not read the gig description correctly, or in fact, not read it at all.

its because that may be they dont can do Your requirements and job is out of their skills. Send them detailed message before placing an order. they will simply tell you that yes they can do that or No they cant do this. it will avoid wasting your time. BTW some seller under heavy work load can refund because they dont have time to do the job…

i got on cancelled. Supposed to take 2 days. Got an email to send my materials. 2 days passes and then on the 3rd day I get a response that says “I was out of town” … “I dont’ have time to do it” … “i’m cancelling”. The problem for me is that, now I can’t get it done on time - I needed it done in a couple of days. The problem for others is that I can’t leave any feedback. So, reading this seller’s feedback it all looks legit, 100% complete. 100% satisfaction.

What kind of gigs were you ordering? And did you just order a $5 gig or did you pay for any extras? I am wondering what your “perfect” gig is?

Do any of the gigs say to contact the seller first before ordering? That could be one reason.

Did these two sellers have many orders are in their queue? that could be another, they just have too much to do, though they should manage that better.