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Order cancellations of buyer's not meeting the budget for requested service's


i have 6 orders i had to cancel due to buyers trying to get gig extra services when they are purchasing basic gigs, my gig instructions an extra services are in detail, order cancellations by mutual agreement of buyers not meeting the budget for the request service should not go towards seller cancellations. im just saying, im not to blame for those who didnt read our gig details & made purchase’s with out at least contacting us about a special request before ordering.


I am dealing with a buyer like that now… he ordered a 50$ gig then after receiving the source files he started to say that he actually doesn’t like the work ( why request the source files then ) … and of course after I told him that I don’t think that’s fair he became rude and told me that ‘’ I suck ‘’ ( he wishes maybe… ) . Anyway… I opened a ticked but I expect the order to get cancelled… that’s what usually happens


I fragglesrock :)) haha funny … ( I s u c k ) was intended