Order cancellations within minutes


Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue… it seems to have started in the last few days. I received an order overnight the other day with the buyer asking to cancel the order within minutes of putting it through. I have now received another one last night, again the buyer asking to cancel the order minutes after putting it through.

I am getting increasingly more stressed about this as any type of cancellation negatively affects your seller account, but what about the times like this, when you literally don’t even have a chance to say thank you to them for their order and they have already asked to cancel it?

I feel this is putting sellers in a very vulnerable position where they literally cannot do anything to protect their accounts from situations like this, despite doing everything in their power normally to make sure their accounts are in good standing. What happens if I received one of these cancellations every day within minutes of receiving an order, my account would be down the toilet and I would have done absolutely nothing wrong and can do nothing at all to protect myself from it either!

Just wondering if anyone else has had this situation? This has never happened to me before and then within days of the level systems update I have received two.


What reason do they give for wanting to cancel?


You need quality service so they do not cancel your job


backlinks_index - I do give a quality service, I have 5.0 stars, and 99% on communication and order cancellation and 100% on order delivery. I cannot control when people change their minds or cancel for no apparent reason. Plus they are cancelling within minutes of placing the order, usually over night when I’m asleep so I don’t even have a chance to talk to them…

misscrystal - They just give the reason that they’ve changed their minds :confused:


Changing their mind is not a valid reason to begin with. I would refuse to cancel.
Let them ask and refuse. They can complain to CS if they want to.


I have also faced similar situation today


uxreview - thanks so much for your reply, would they then be in a position to leave negative feedback?

biishwajitram - it’s odd isn’t it and made even odder by the fact that the level system is up for review tomorrow :confused: ps. have you contacted CS about your experience, maybe if enough of us do…


If the order is not cancelled then you have to deliver and yes they can leave you feedback.
It will impact your rating, but if you see these cancellations happen a lot then I would recommend taking the negative review, otherwise soon your order delivery % will be very low if you give in.


Yes true. that’s what I’m worried about, I am sure people have sussed that this is a good way to get rid of competition, or maybe I’m just being paranoid!


Scammers can use this tactic if sellers instantly give in and agree to cancellations. Otherwise it would be waste of their time and money.


Yep, I’m convinced that’s what it is, Fiverr need to do more to protect sellers, especially in situations like this where the seller hasn’t even had a chance so much as message the buyer! It’s clear people use Fiverr’s buyer bias to their advantage!


bingwen - Oh no that’s awful, so they even have the product they paid for and then cancel, I am sick of the bias towards buyers on here, as sellers there is absolutely no protection at all, I am coming to the realization that this is not a good platform on which to rely for a steady income stream when a few scammers can very quickly ruin your account.



That has nothing to do with people cancelling:

  1. Before the order starts
  2. After the order is delivered, because they want a freebie.
  3. Buyers “ordering the wrong thing”…

MOST of my cancellations have been because of the reasons mentioned above.


Exactly!! why should sellers be penalized just because a buyer has changed their mind or has ordered incorrectly, or worse is doing it to destroy competition, a fairer system needs to be in place otherwise people will start to move to other freelance platforms, without sellers Fiverr wouldn’t make any money in the first place, so perhaps looking after both buyers and sellers may be in Fiverr’s best interest?


Outside of Fiverr, I ask clients for a 20% payment that is not refundable. Additional 50% when demo is ready and the last 30% when the website is live and working.

Not sure if this is a good solution in Fiverr, but I agree they should review this process. Maybe it would be easier not to count in mutual cancellations.


I totally agree, it is mutual cancellations that are the problem, I don’t see why it should be a black mark against your account as a seller when they are “mutual”


Just decline to cancel. That’s what I do. Put a disclaimer in your gig saying you don’t offer cancellations and just say no.


Do you get lots of negatives then? I wasn’t sure if negatives affected your account worse than cancellations?


Possibly because mutual cancellations were abused in the past to get rid of the negative feedback.

EDIT: And because they want every order to be completed, so they get their 20%.


Haha yes, I think you’re right, but if they keeping pushing away their sellers there will be no orders to complete!