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Order cancellations without buyer's consent

Hello community!!
I’m having a strange issue here which happened to me on Friday night. 2 completed orders, past orders was cancelled on my account on Friday. These orders have already been completed since May in which I even received 5 star reviews from the buyer.

It was a surprise for me to see these orders been cancelled by Fiverr on Friday night.
I contacted the buyer immediately who told me he knew nothing about it and didn’t get any refund till this moment.

Pls, has anyone have similar experience before? I have contacted Fiverr support since then and hasn’t got any solution or cause of the issue till now!

thats odd…possibly a glitch

You aren’t supposed to contact buyers when you don’t have active orders with them. This can get you suspended or even banned, plus it’s intimidating for buyers and that’s bad for your brand.

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