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Order Cancellations

Today, Unfortunately did cancel an order, than my order completion rate drop at 83% is it any problem for my future? if yes, so what types of problem i have to be face?


Well, as said in the TOS cancellation should be as rare as possible, but today you had your reason to proceed it.
Regarding your order completion rate, it dropped but will soon recover.
I remember the situation I faced at my last cancellation: like you, my order completion rate dropped BUT recovered the day after. The buyer cancelled because he didn’t have enough information for me to work with.

So even it’s unpleasant to see figures drop, continue to deliver high-quality services and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:
Hope it helped.


Thanks a lot, now i am free from depressions

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Don’t worry.
On Fiverr, we can experience unpleasant experiences, but thanks God, they are rare.
Most of the time buyers are courteous, and we can deliver our work confidently because they provided us with enough material to work with.