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Order cancelled 4 months later, now I have a negative account balance and I think I should just quit

I woke up this morning to learn that a client who made a large order in january cancelled their order / initiated a chargeback and now I have a negative account balance.

I used to get about 2 to 5 orders a week but since February I have only been getting about one. I have never had any issues with clients being unhappy with my work and have always revieved 5 start reviews afterword.

With the negative account balance and the slowdown in work I just dont think I can continue working knowing I would be doing so for free for the next 4+ orders especially if they are spread out over the next few months. I have one order I am currently working on and I just feel depressed trying to work on it, I think I’m going to ask for a mutual cancellation.

I have contacted support and they gave me what seems to be the general response of beyond their control and they are losing money too. At this point I just dont feel like continuing on fiverr anymore.


You can contact customer support and show them proof, a screenshot, of your delivery and you MIGHT get a refund back to you of the order payment. It’s worth a try.

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I am really sorry you had go through such a thing. I heard customer support has refunded for some charge back. Please try again as misscrystal suggested. Hope things work out well for you.

After getting the standard replay I was able to get a hold of another CS and they said that they would try and get my balance refunded, here is hoping.
But for now I have put my settings to vacation.


UPDATE: Good News! 8 days later I just lost my level 1 seller status (I don’t feel that bad about it), but when I went to take a look at my account there was no longer negative earnings! I didnt get a notice but it seems the finance team was able to return a majority of my lost funds. I know people in similar situations will be happy to know the timespan it took for these sort of problems to be worked out.


they always try their best, i believe. anyway good news !

I’m so happy for you! Actually that was quite fast. CS is very good now at restoring funds to seller’s accounts once they take a look and see that they should get paid for work they did.

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