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Order cancelled 6 months after delivery?

I don’t understand how this can happen? It seems like as long as a customer complains about something they are going to get exactly what they want. The customer ordered a book cover and didn’t give me everything I need to deliver it. I completed what I could and delivered it asking her to send me the rest of the information.

She literally got me all the information for her book like 3 weeks ago, half of that time I was away on vacation and the other half I was so busy I couldn’t get to her order…so she complained and cancelled.

Isn’t a limit on when people can cancel an already completed order? I mean if there isn’t a limit it just seems like anyone can cancel and get stuff for free.

You had a modification request open for 6 months or what? Something’s not adding up here.

I’m very surprised that customer support would go ahead and cancel an order 6 months after delivery. I agree that something is not making sense.