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Order cancelled after 1.5month and unfair warning

What advice?

To cancel an order that is half done? Even after the CS asks to sort it out with the buyer? Had the OP gone on to demand a cancellation, it would have been counted against them.

Delivering free work is not a solution.


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So… chatting with the buyer doesn’t count as work?

I’m not sure about you, but when buyers get consultation before placing an order, half of the work is done even before they place the order. Creative works are like that!

I said it to let you know how hard it is to accept that as an advice.

If we can’t accept a criticism without being defensive, we have no right to expect that behavior from individual sellers who are going through a much worse time than us.

OP has received a warning for it already. They have been told so by the CS.

What gives?

Oh, yes.

You don’t have to return them though.


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Try delivering it and see? :thinking:


My dear, Delivering an incomplete project is a violation of Fiverr TOS. Also, no matter what but if a client asks you to do anything at any point you have to deal with him professionally, vocabulary has to be very professional according to the customer services SOPs.

Getting a warning is normal in your case I hope you and everyone who is reading this thread will take care of it next time.

God Bless You :slight_smile:

There are consultation gigs. I’ve delivered two already. :eyes:

Besides, I offer free consultation if people contact me before placing an order. And like all good and ethical businesses out there, I adjust the prices accordingly.

If you don’t factor in for the admin work, ugh.


I am totally agree with you that CS is not making sense and mostly sided with buyer.
I am facing similar situation and wrote to CS but ended up they replied like Robot.

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