Order cancelled after 2 years!


Hi Everyone,
Today I see some strange things on my fiverr account.
I had an order, It was for 2 years ago, I’ve delivered it but buyer never answer me during these 2 years.
Few days ago he come and say he changed his mind and want to cancel and refund ( Once again, after 2 years)
Fiverr without any notification refund his money and cancelled the order!! After 2 years!

Just I surprised how can I trust fiverr or trust them as one seller!


I would recommend contacting CS.
Either there was a misunderstanding or the CS representative had his/her first day.


Very weird. I believe both parties have to agree to a cancellation, unless the buyer does not get what he ordered, or asks for something you don’t sell.

Wouldn’t help to contact support now, as an order cant be un-cancelled. So just have to forget it, and move forward!

I was also thinking it could be a chargeback, which Fiverr does nothing about. But a purchase from years ago surely can’t be charged back, at least by paypal? Still, may want to check if the buyer is still on Fiverr. If it was a chargeback, then they are banned.


That’s really crazy and unfair!


Sometimes there is something happening ridiculous!!!


The weirder I think it will be when this canceled order will count in your stats. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!!


Before everyone takes their pitchforks, let OP check in with CS to get the full explanation :wink:


I already open ticket and waiting for their answer


Great, keep us posted and let’s see what they say.


Yeah…If this is true and happened with you. This is totally wrong by CS. You must be fight for it. :sunny:


unfair :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


I’m still waiting for CS reply!


Just forget about it, turn a new page and look forward to new clients and new projects.


After 2 years??


2 YEARS!?! That’s insaneeee

Very disheartening. Had a good and busy month in April wasn’t on the forum as much but coming here and reading these always snaps me back to reality.


It also happens when buyer complains to PayPal about a “suspicious activity” and PayPal immediately takes the money back and this is out of Fiverr’s control.


Did you deliver this two year old order recently ? Or did you deliver it two years ago?

Was it a Paypal chargeback?


Any updates on this? :thinking:


Customer support did not reply me for this issue!!!
I hope one person from Fiverr team see this topic and come for help.
I want open one new ticket.


I delivered the order 2 years ago!