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Order cancelled after 3 month

hey there

i have complete a order in july and buyer also gave me a good feed back.
now is oct and i have received a notification from fiverr that buyer cancelled the order(after 3 moth)

i contact to my buyer for asking the reason for cancelletion and i was shocked when he told me that he does’t cancel the order he does’t depute any order.

also the order fund return to buyer account from my account.

can anyone please tell me what the hell is this?


He is lying Fiverr will never cancel any order it’s not only your loss but their too. It happened with me also buyer even after giving tip cancelled order after 4 months and it was clear that he opened Paypal dispute. Some buyers do this kind of fraud report it to Fiverr they will tell you same.

paypal depute mean?can you please tell me briefly i am very confused

Basically Payment on Fiverr is done Via Fiverr and the buyer opens dispute at Paypal saying I lost my card etc and I don’t know who made payment and Paypal just refunds money.

In this Fiverr can do nothing.

is there any solution of this problem…my client is on contact with me through facebook and we are discussing about this netter.

i mean what should i say to my client.

I guess contacting outside Fiverr is wrong! You can land in trouble reach the customer support as this is Fiverr issue they will better tell you wheter they can do anything.

Check to see if your buyers profile is still active on Fiverr. If it is not, they have used a chargeback to get their work FOC. This is because Fiverr bans users who do this.


Yes, right Fiverr bans those who open Paypal dispute

yes,he is not available on fiverr he is banned.

i have completed his 4 orders 30$ per order (there was 30$ in my account which was refund still is zero)so amount off all orders will refund when fund will clear?

Correction, in case of Cancellation of order Fiverr do not loose anything anymore, (TOS) is changed and Fiverr do not refund the Service or processing fee.

But in case of charge back they do

If its cancelled by mutual agreement or by Fiverr then but on this part Fiverr has no control whole amount gets refunded and 20% of fiverr included in that. If it was in command of Fiverr why will order get cancelled after leaving a review and completion.


that is exactly what I said, it is called PAYPAL CHARGE BACK


Many thanks to you guys! You have make a lot sense for babaralee and all of us on this platform. Thanks for your information!

Same Here!!!
whats going on?

Basically I answer this you said, “Fiverr do not loose anythin” I said that they too loose 20% revenue which they earned from buyer. So Fiverr will never cancel order its Paypal dispute and Fiverr has not done it.

hey thanks everyone for helping me

as far as i know after dispute paypal team will investigate the issue and if there is proof they find that the buyer made the purchase, then the seller will have a chance to bring back revenue.

I agree that Fiverr never cancels an order by itself but the loss thing is a myth my friend.
They never lose this money. Buyer can never withdraw this amount, they will have to buy another gig.


but now how i can get my money back?