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Order Cancelled after 4 Months


It is annoying that a delivered order is cancelled right now. Even everything in this order is still fine. Fiverr also deducted the amount from my earnings. That is annoying. I am not happy with this behaviour of Fiverr. I have created a report.

What is going on? Is Fiverr not a worthy place for Freelancers?


4 months … very serious issue…

It’s not Fiverr’s fault then, but the buyer most likely requested a chargeback through paypal. Check if the buyer’s account is still active. If not, then it was a chargeback by the buyer.


I thought buyer could only cancel offers until 14 days after

Cancel yes, though I believe the TOS say that customer support can cancel an order up to 1 month after it was completed.

But this is not what happened I believe. The buyer didn’t write a ticket to CS to cancel the order but rather went to contact the Paypal customer support (if he paid the order through paypal, I don’t know if the same is possible through payoneer but I know Paypal does it and it causes a lot of those issues here with buyers abusing it). So once the buyer gets the money refunded by Paypal, Paypal takes their refund from Fiverr and Fiverr gets their refund from the seller, which is why sellers report suddenly having a big minus on their Fiverr balance.


When I go to conversation, it is showing last seen 1 hour ago but when I open his account*****, it is not opening. If it is Paypal chargeback then why we are suffering? Fiverr should amend its policy. It is very bad for sellers who do hardwork for Fiverr.

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It is annoying. I am great tension after this issue.

It is just like not paying for work situation. Why Fiverr is not changing its policy against it? We do work and don’t get money for it. What is it?

Please don’t post the link to the buyer, even if they are not on the plattform anymore.

I’m not making the rules, just telling you how it is at the moment. As far as I heard here in the Forum Fiverr can’t really do anything about it, it’s Paypal that needs to change something about its policy that allows their clients to do that.

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In cases where the service was completely provided, Fiverr will protect you from fraud chargebacks. The funds will be added back to your account, and after seven days, you will be able to withdraw the funds. Most importantly, it will not affect your cancellation rate.


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“You are responsible for any service -related chargebacks, so the funds will be deducted from your account. In cases where the service was completely provided to the buyer’s satisfaction , our Trust & Safety team will review and help resolve the issue in your favor.”

So the seller is guilty until proven innocent? :thinking:

Let me rephrase that,

actually, I can’t. The order wouldn’t have been completed to begin with if the buyer wasn’t satisfied, they would ask for revisions or at least contact the seller within 14 days. How high is the chance that a buyer comes back to an order after 4 months and realizes the order wasn’t delivered to their satisfaction?

It has already been affected my cancellation rate. I was on 100 and now, I am at 96. I don’t know what to do now.

Yeah but that’s going to be reversed if the chargeback is resolved in your favor.

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Buyer didn’t ask for any revision. There was no revision and or anything else. Even we talked about the other service after this order. I am amazed what happened suddenly. I also got an email from Fiverr about late delivery but I didn’t deliver the order late. It was before deadline.

And what about my rating? Would they revise it ?

I’m not sure about that one, did you get a 1-star “seller failed to deliver” review? Or which rating do you mean?

I am talking about order completion rating. The buyer didn’t give any rating for this order but it doesn’t matter.

Order completion = “it will not affect your cancellation rate.”

So once this is resolved in your favor, I think they will change your stats again.

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Buyer was asking me about an other gig after delivery. How could you say he wasn’t satisfied? Even I noticed he created the similar gig like me. Ahh! Even my sheet on which I deliver order is open for everyone and Fiverr team can see everything. It happened first time with me and I will see how fair Fiverr is.

I will see how they protect their sellers. Sent second msg to zendesk.

Okay, I respect your rules.