Order cancelled after already marked as complete?


I completed and delivered an order for a gentleman several weeks ago. He didn’t respond at all and the order was automatically marked as complete. The money was already busy being processed into my account when I got a message yesterday telling me he cancelled the order and the money was returned to him. This dropped my perfect completion rate down to a 50% and I lost that money. He still hasn’t communicated anything with me. I have no idea what to do now because I didn’t even know they could cancel it after it’s been marked as complete and is already processing into my account. That really doesn’t seem right. I’m upset at him, but I want to know what I can do about the situation, especially regarding making my ratings right again. Thanks, I’ll appreciate any feedback and help.


Extremely you should contact fiverr cs


Not much I’m afraid - all cancellations count towards your completion rate.

You can always check to see if your buyer’s still on Fiverr - if not, then the chances are they’ve done a PayPal chargeback. :frowning_face::frowning_face:

As @djwaruna suggested, please speak to CS for some help.


Am I not protected from that on Fiverr? Because it would mean any buyer can do that? I don’t know if he’s still on Fiverr, but he doesn’t communicate with me.


How do I contact CS?


Here’s a link to open a ticket:

I really hope they can help you.


Thank you very much! I appreciate your help.


Happened to me two days ago… On various orders from the same client, and now I am on minus, even though I don’t even buy anything here… Unbelievable…
It’s because of a Paypal chargeback… And since as far as Paypal is concerned Fiverr is the seller not me, I can’t file a dispute there… !


contact customer support


It happened to me with a buyer on two of their orders. Dropped my completion rate to 88% and i was out $25. Customer Support told me there was nothing they can do about the completion rate but they did give me $20 in credit to use on the site.


It’s nice to see that they are doing at least something to help compensate, when buyers do this.

That’s progress! :slight_smile:

Now they need to correct the completely unjust way in which these cancellations affect sellers, particularly because they have acknowledged - that they realize some cancellations are not the seller’s fault.


That sounds all too familiar. I think the blow to the completion rate is the worst part for sure.


How do I see the answer to a submitted ticket to the CS?