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Order cancelled after completion 2 Months Later

I’m just wondering how easily can Fiverr Refund full amount to the customer and cancel the Order.
The Order was marked as completed 3 days after delivery, the buyer didn’t respond, I’ve sent him a notify that if there something to change he has to reply before 3 days, of course, he didn’t, the Offer was marked as Completed, the Problem is also the Money was Cleared after 3 weeks, the buyer already got the website I made for him, included was also the source files of the website so all that time I’ve spent on his Project is gone lost.

if the seller didn’t reply on time regarding Modification, that’s his problem, he had 3 days to reply.
the seller already got the source file so he can easily now change whatever he want on the project and use it for free.

I already delivered what he asked for and what my gig says and even More …

if the seller is not satisfied with the end result he has to give his review ( that’s also the same thing that you guys say on your policy ).

Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. You may rate your experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

Customer support then responds to me with this message:

I reviewed your order and I can see that the order has been canceled as you have refused to provide the buyer with more revisions.
Even if the order is marked as completed, if there’s more to be done, you should address the buyer’s concerns as you offer unlimited revisions.

Like what the Hell, I didn’t offer unlimited Revisions it was just 1 Revision included and already made 3 Revisions for free no extra charge , and before the Order was marked as complete he already saw what the website looks like and he liked it
after he got all files including source files, now he wants completely different Design after 2 or 3 weeks of delivery and the Order has been marked as Complete

and on The Policy, I see nothing about canceling orders in this Case

Revisions are valid just in case the order is valid. And not after 2 weeks of order completion.
If not then that means every Buyer can refund his money after order is marked as complete and say I’m not happy with the results

the easiest way for Customer support was to refund full Price to the Buyer because I already hade over 500$ on my Account.

and then after I respond to Customer service because I have already opened a complaint Ticket they respond to me back with the same message and closed the Case as Solved, Well done Fiverr Customer Support.

to be honest I’m not feeling safe anymore working like this.
no Policy Respect, no Rules.


I can’t check this since the GIG is gone, but this is what we say to all users, never put unlimited anything.

If you had this word in your description, the buyer is right, you agree to do free revisions until the rest of the time.

i didnt offer unlimited revisions , just 1 revision was included and already made 3 modification without charging him any extra money fo it

Then I do not know what to say.

Justice is sometimes blind, truly.


This is what CS is interpreting as “unlimited revisions”:

“love making music and work on it untill it sounds perfect

Take that bit out of your profile description.

Nothing you can do about it now … sh1tty, but there you are …


this just my Bio not the description of the Gig or the Order
and on the gig itself and on the Order there is just one Revision Included


@zcbeats It’s such a pity that this happened. I also got two of my orders (from the same customer) canceled after the buyer left two 5* reviews.

What happened to the money you got on the order? I assume that in two months you’ve already withdrawn the funds. I am curious about how this works …


Doesn’t matter which bit of your profile it’s on, the fact that it’s there is what CS interprets as a promise to buyers.

Take it out.

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i had over 500 USD on my Account that was already cleared , and custsomer support cut from my wallet the 322 USD from it

thats not fair at all

That’s ridiculous! About a week ago, my earnings were also taken, but in a smaller amount worth of about $10. But still, no notification, no reason of why, no explanation at all.

It makes me just take the earnings immediately once it is available, I don’t trust them.


look what fiver Policy says :

Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Revisions for your delivered order, will not be done based on personal taste. Buyers are given the option to rate their experience with the seller and share their experience in a feedback review.

Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. You may rate your experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

how can they ignore there own Policies



its clearely a Violation of Fiverr Policy by Fiverr Customer support by itself

Violation of Fiverr Policy - Violation of use rights - Violation of copyright

More and more of this been happening lately. It’s either a policy change going on, or buyers had some sort of proof that was against the Seller itself, and they probably won and got their money back.

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I already made screenshots of all There Policies in the case I go with a lawyer so they don’t change their policy after that.

because whats matter is the Policy that’s on the website at this moment when this Case happened

and I’m 100% sure if I go with a lawyer I will get my money back because they are clearly on the Wrong Side and they are the ones who did Violate the Policy, not me


You would waste more money on a lawyer than getting your money back. And Fiverr knows that, that Sellers won’t suit them for this reason. As of Customer Support, some of them are really rude and offends me most of the times. They are not professionals there, and they probably were picked by a mistake, because I can’t even communicate with them properly. I write a question and they repost an answer from somewhere that are just different things and doesn’t answer the questions at all!

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i got good connections
my 2 oncles and my Sister are Lawyers :smile:

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whatever i will give Fiverr more time to respond and solve this case Fairly
if Customer support did a mistake its ok an apology will be fine , but they dont have to assume that they did it fairly and right.
if not then i will Go with Plan B

It’s not only you. I’ve seen many topics throughout these past few weeks, I even experienced this myself. And anything we do, Fiverr always win and laugh at us.

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your story and stefanpetre26 are the same third story I heard this week. I hope someone can give better explanation on this case.

@zcbeats please continue updating this thread , I really like to know where it ends, it’s not an easy issue to accept with,


i will continue updating for sure