Order cancelled after completion


So I was sitting around, munching on pistachios and minding my own business, when I received a notification on my phone that a certain buyer had cancelled our orders.

See, I could understand if this were one of my ongoing or delivered orders that buyers had been unhappy with or something. But these were completed orders for which the buyer had given reviews, and even tipped because they were happy with my work. I had worked really hard on those translations, and I was really proud of them.

My order completion rate just dropped by 4%, and I lost $50-ish bucks. The money part sucks, but what sucks more is that I thought I’d done a good job. And now the buyer’s account has disappeared, likely because it was a Paypal chargeback.

I’m probably pretty lucky that this is only the first time this has happened to me and that I still have the reviews for show. But it’s been a rough last few days, and this really only makes things worse. I’m paranoid and stressed out now.

Not sure what the point of this post was, since I can’t really do much about the whole thing aside from sit around and be upset.


Money comes, money goes.

Don’t be upset and stay motivated, new orders will come and you’ll be rich again :slight_smile:

Goodluck. :slight_smile:


I know. Again, the money isn’t really what I’m upset about, and I do have more orders in queue.

It just bums me out that I worked hard and did a good job, and the buyer didn’t seem to appreciate that.


This will happen again and again and again, and you can do nothing about it, focus on the present and the orders you have going :slight_smile:


Damn, that’s horrible @somaginer1996 here’s a hug. :hugs:

Free work + money back = Bull :poop: :japanese_ogre:



It happened to me also and order was cancelled after 4 months. Not just 5 stars but the buyer had even given a tip.

However, you can contact CS and tell them to not count it when there is evualation on April 15. They will consider it as there is no mistake from your side.


I can see that that’s true, but I’m not sure that’s the message I need right now lol. Ah, it’s fine.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll take that into account.


The jury is out on that. We have gotten conflicting answers from CS on that issue.


Yeah, I figured. I’ll probably try it anyways, just to see.

At the moment, though, my completion rate is still above 90%. I worked pretty hard to get it up there, but this came closer than any previous hit to knocking it under.


Out of :purple_heart:


Fingers crossed it stays there for you! :crossed_fingers:


A 5-star review + a voluntary gratuity = satisfied customer (or at least it should be). Why would someone leave a tip and then do a chargeback? :confused:

Are they trying to lure you into a false security? If so, why bother with a tip, when they were going to do a chargeback? We, humans, are strange creatures. :neutral_face:


I am so sad :slightly_frowning_face: to hear this happened to you. I had my first CS canceled the order this week and it does hurt when you have done your best work and the buyer figures out a way to steal it. I felt so cheated. It was not even losing the $ that hurt. It was the feeling of being treated badly. I do sympathize with you. :disappointed_relieved:


Rightly so! Its is weird thing to get tip and then not just you lose money but your order completition rate.