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Order cancelled after delivery and 5-star review

I delivered the work to a client a day ahead of time, the client left a great review immediately thereafter, and after 2 days, I get a notice that the order has been cancelled and the funds are being returned. I don’t get it. Does anyone have any advice? Could it be a glitch? Thanks for any advice.

It’s likely that this was actually a fraud issue with the buyers payment. If there is a fraud alert, Paypal will initiate a charge back and Fiverr will have to send in a refund. It’s likely absolutely nothing that you did, just an issue on the buyers end. It’s a shame that we sellers lose out on the money when this happens, but luckily it’s very infrequent.

1month ago i had the same issue. I contact with the support,they said i asked Money on the order page and its the reason.

we are not allowed to discuss about the price on the order page. if they identified they will cancel the order. My buyer also dont know about it. I request him to refund and he just did!

so you can request your buyer.