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Order cancelled after it has been completed 2 months ago

Hello guys,

Something strange happened to me today. I got a notification that an order that I have completed over two months ago has been cancelled by ‘mutual consent’ and funds returned to the buyer. I didnt get any notification for a dispute before fiverr reversed the money from my account. I have completed 5 several orders for the buyer and I am confused why this is happening out of the blue.

I tried to contact the buyer to ask for her side of the story but unfortunately, her account has been suspended.

Can anybody please share if they have experienced similar issue.


Seems like a paypal chargeback. It’s a disease.


Aaargh… I thought as much too… But why did they have to tamper with my order completion rate…

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I’m sorry to hear this but it’s a flaw and you can’t do anything about it.
The best thing you can do now is contacting CS with all available proof. Hopefully at least you can get back your deducted fund for that order.
Fiverr, I hope you are working hard to prevent this chargeback disaster.


Its A Chargeback You cant do much about it

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Hello @snirelkaras sorry for tagging but as you seem to be in charge of such things (thanks for the serious business out of office mode instead of the VM palm tree, again!) - the “mutual consent” here, can one do something about that too, it adds insult to injury…

And sorry to hear it happened to you, Nadratan!


@nadratan sorry to hear that.

Yes, I heard that before. Why Does It Happen?

I am little confused. Is it possible to refund from PayPal? and why Fiverr will get the responsibility to get your money back(if they do yet).

I don’t know why PayPal charged back after 2 months later. That means you buy something, use it and when you don’t need that, get back your money even without returning the product.


The user disputed through paypal.

Yes, it did happen and fiverr can’t do anything as the dispute is from paypal. If Fiverr got the responsibility, I think they compensate the seller using their own fund.

Sadly it happened. I hope fiverr will have a solution for this serious problem soon.


Nothing to do here! The buyer dispute the transaction. So fiverr cancel the order and disable the buyer account.


Happened with me 2 days back. Fiverr support said, funds are not in our hands and we can’t do anything about it. I said, at least order completion feature is in your hands, make it unbiased and implement properly!
Got same template reply - We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated.

This is very sad and dark situation for sellers!

  • Chargebacks - Seller get penalised.
  • Buyer order by mistake - Seller get penalised.
  • Buyer wants something that’s not offered in the gig - Seller get penalised.
  • Buyer order twice by mistake - Seller get penalised.
  • Buyer order without reading description, doesn’t have required file - Seller get penalised.

Well done, Fiverr :clap: :sweat_smile:


Hi @nadratan and @miiila!

I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure that if you will contact customer support they will do their best to help you w/ this one.


Probably not.

But anyway, not looking for anyone being sorry, just for a change of the wording “mutual cancellation” because it is anything but in this situation which happens to many sellers. In fact, a chargeback is stealing from the seller, either because the buyer suddenly (up to 6 months after the fact) decides they want their money back for a service (long) since delivered (2 months in Nadratan’s case), or because the buyer paid with a stolen credit card or a hacked PayPal account, in which case it still is stealing from the seller as well.

Anyway, there is nothing whatsoever “mutual” about it.
Basically, seller wakes up one morning and sees that money has been taken away from them.

My idea was just that like the VM palm changing to the out of office briefcase, it would be really nice to take that “mutual” out of those letters of doom, nothing mutual there, and the affected seller already loses money, and perhaps a level, no need to tease them with “mutual” on top of it.

My point was a UI/UX thing, really, a technicality like palm tree (Hawaii feeling vacation mode) vs. briefcase (out of office mode), not the situation itself. :slight_smile:


Just happened to me too. Since I do video promos and had the company name I found the video on youtube, facebook and a few other places. Take down notices to the sites and the video is now gone from them all. I always hunt them down. Took less than 12 hours to get the video taken down everywhere.

Of course it still screwed up my stats since it was a “cancellation”. It is not a cancellation, it is buyer fraud and should not count against us. Fiverr needs to fix this.

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