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Order cancelled after mutual agreement

I got an first order of $75. I completed it within given time. Buyer requested revision. I delivered the revised order after working hard on it. But buyer disputed to mutually cancel the order and was willing to pay $25 for my hard work. Will i be able to get my $25? Or is it just a scam?


You won’t be able to get your $25 unless you all open a separate order.


Thanks for your guidance.

I can ask your buyer to order a $25 order, after you received it, you can cancel the $75 order. As a way to protect yourself.

Never agree to cancel the order.If you cancel the $75 order now, there will be a chance that the seller will just ignore you, and dont give you the $25 order :slight_smile:
Good luck

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Personally, I wouldn’t accept the $25 offer. If you worked hard on this project, and delivered what was stated by the gig, then you should be compensated. Since you offer revisions, the buyer should be able to work with you to get this to meet their own satisfaction, as that is what revisions are for. Communication is key in any transaction, not going straight to a cancellation request (even after 1 revision). Sometimes it takes a couple revisions (which, if only 1 is offered in this gig, the rest should be compensated on your terms).


I agree. I would stick at it, too.

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I think my gig’s buyer just abandoned the project with my work done. What Am I suppose to do? any advice?

You deliver the order and wait 3 days or for a buyer response, whichever comes first.

Hello there, Deliver your work as agreed with the client. Then wait and see for clients reply.

thank you so much. I appreciate that

thank you so much. I appreciate that. what happen after 3 days?

See if the client reply or put it in the revision or any kind of response. After that you can take the next steps. First if the work is complete then deliver. If you followed the requirements of the client and worked as their instructions and after the work is done, if they abandoned then you can take them to customer support for resolve (if they dispute to cancel).
But try to maintain a good relation with the client so you can have some more work in the future, so offer them some more revision or bit of extra work and explain your position as you done the job.