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Order Cancelled and money deducted from my account

Senior Members and Support Team,

i got mail from fiver about my cancelled order and the money has been deducted from my account. The buyer marked the order as completed got the original files and now after 21 days of order he cancelled and also dont have any account with fiverr. what to do and how to contact that buyer. This is not fair he got the originals and have no issue at all. Please help me in this regard

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

If buyer placed a Paypal dispute, then the order got cancelled (and refunded) and buyer’s account got banned. Unfortunately you cannot do anything with it, just rant with us and receive some of our support, no more.

These are Fiverr rules that you could have read in ToS, sorry :frowning:

so it means i have lost my money for that order…

Reply to @raheeljaved: if happened what you say, I think the answer is yes, you lost the money. Anyway, I’m just a regular user like you, so I cannot certificate what happened and for which reason…

This also happened to me too cost me 75.00.

When one do not want to pay and its Paypal fiverr doesnt let us fight it,But what fiverr does do is cancel that account,May not really help you out for the work you did but atlest they do kill that account so they cant do it you again.