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Order Cancelled by Buyer. What should Do?


Hello Fiverr Community!

A fews days ago I am assigned for an order. I completed it before deadline. When i was working on this project buyer Did not respond me. Before deadline I deliver his project and sent him a note “If there any problem, please let me know”. When one more days to go to auto delivered he sent me revision request. I messaged him please active on Fiverr so that i could contact with you. Buyer said He is very busy. Then he wrote what i have to change. I messaged him but he did not see.

I revised my work and send him sample picture so that he can understand is it ok or not? Then i was waiting one day to get his response. After one day I sent Delivery again and wrote a note “please let me know if there any change needed”. One day later he cancelled my delivery. Now what can i do?

Thank you.


So sorry for your experience. Can you undo the delivered project?so that he will not be able to use the project if he actually want to SCAM you. IF YES, do so and move on. but if NO, I dont think there is anything you could do…Just move on…I hope you did not incur any expenses to get the order delivered?

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