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Order cancelled by CS staff after completed

Hello everyone ! so strange thing happened today,one buyer placed order for logo designs and i delivered it in timely manner,buyer said he liked logos very much and accepted delivery and left positive 2 days after that i got notification from fiverr that they have sent refund to buyer and order was cancelled.i was shocked because i have not broke any rules or anything and i feel like i am being punished without any fault.and someone just got my work for free.any idea about this kind of matter? Thanks.

You can try asking customer support about this.

Hello Ma’am.I already have sent mail to them,i just wanted to know if that same thing had happen with anybody and know what was it all about?

Just wait to see what they say. Yes we all get these sometimes and it’s nothing unusual. It’s just part of doing business and being self employed.

If the buyer no longer has a account on Fiverr, then it could be they did a credit card chargeback. :thinking:


just read your post. You did the right thing by contact CS they will guide you better. And as you were asking if this happened with anyone else so this has happened with a lot people here on fiverr. The buyer usually contacts CS after order completion and tells them that he isn’t satisfied with the delivery or there is the delivered file is not the same etc. You might also know that fiverr always tries to support the buyer in such cases that’s why this might have happened. You should just stick with the CS and explain your situation to them. I hope that you’ll get some positive result.

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@misscrystal @vickiespencer @httpdesignhub2 So i got the answer from CS that Buyer had stated some issues with the delivery and they can not share what the problem was as per privacy policy. and i do not know why he/she did that process while he/she could tell me in inbox if she/he had any issue,saw first buyer who left 5 star feedback and said that he/she loved designs and was not satisfied after accepting delivery.i doubt maybe they could have some issue related with copyrights but that is not also possible as i draw all the designs on paper first and then work on what has gone is never gonna come back so better just move on and hope for better. i appreciate your help guys. thanks a lot.

Oh sorry to hear that. Yeah you are right that should move on. But if say drew those sketches on paper by yourself and then worked on them then I would suggest that you should tell CS about this and try again to ask them about the problem. if they don’t tell you then should leave it . And welcome.

They said the same,move on. because they won’t argue with buyer now as they have already made refund to instead of argument with CS staff i choose to move on.Also there was no fault of CS staff in this as they were doing their job so there was no meaning of argument with them either.

okay. No I didn’t said that you should argue with them. I just told you to explain your complete situation to them so that maybe something good will occur. Anyway good luck for the future.

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Without knowing what exactly the problem was I’m sure CS checked it out before giving them a refund.

Generally if the review was positive they don’t give a refund to the buyer so there must have been a copyright issue.


Yeah, but i do not think it is possible as i draw it on paper, check on 3 different places to be sure there is no other design like that exist and then i maybe buyer would have seen similar design and he/she would have thought that they can get copyright issues. but now i have moved on.hope you are having a great time. :+1:

The buyer probably paid by PayPal when ordering. When they go to their PayPal account and simply open a dispute for their Fiverr payment PayPal immediately cancels the transaction, draws the money back from Fiverr and Fiverr cancels the order automatically. It is an automatic process and Fiverr is not even involved in it. It happened to me couple of times.

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but that is not fair. i mean like that anybody can get work for free.

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This is just how it is. Welcome to Fiverr :slight_smile:

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