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Order cancelled by customer support and i lost money for completed milestones

Today i experienced strange thing. i have successfully completed 2 milestone and i completed all work for 3rd milestone but client was asking additional changes which is not listed in original order, so i contacted customer support and i asked them to cancel order. they have cancelled order and return all money to buyer. Buyer got all source code files and apk, its kind of injustice to me. is it right thing done by fiverr ?

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I’m not sure how this is an “injustice”, when you specifically asked CS to cancel the order. CS did as you asked, cancelled the order, and the buyer appropriately and fairly received all of their money back. If you wanted to get paid, why did you ask Fiverr to cancel the order for you?


what should i do? buyer is keep asking for modification and additional work which is not listed in order

You asked Fiverr CS to cancel the order, and they did. There is nothing else you can do now, because the order is cancelled – as if it never existed. The buyer has his money back, and you basically gave him any work you already did, for free.


Opps, Actually i was not aware about policy and i thought i may get money for completed milestones. i lost 1200$

Well, technically you never had $1200, because the order was never completed. You asked CS to cancel it before the project was finished, so you never actually earned the price of the project.

I suppose this is a good learning moment. Now you’ll know what not to do next time.

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You are right brother. Thank you

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