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Order cancelled by Customer Support for free work offered


As anyone ever had there order cancelled by Customer Support?

I have just had my first cancellation by CS and for a reason I find shocking. One of my customers placed an order and it was completed on the 4th October 2018. He left me a 5 star review and like all orders the customer goes quiet and I didn’t hear anything. 15 days later the customer messages me saying that he has done some updates and one of the plugins had stopped working. As a good will gesture I said I would take a look and try to resolve it for free. Bearing in mind this is not part of the Gig, and was offered as an additional service for free. Anyway, my fiverr workload became heavy and I had loads of new gigs to deal with so me doing this free work got delayed by 10 days. He raised thia with customer support (with our my knowledge) and all I got this morning was a standard email from fiverr saying my order had been cancelled by Customer services.

I spoke to customer services and they said the reason was as although I completed the job there was one thing left and I didn’t complete that within the 10 days so they refunded the customer.

Now tell me if I am wrong but I cannot find in fiverr terms anything about cancelling orders based on free work not being completed on time.

As anyone experienced this? I am shocked as it was a fair amount if money to be refunded and now the customer has all the work which I spent three days doing for free.

I find it shocking that CS didn’t approach me to get the facts and all this was done behind my back. All these things really show that Fiverr favour buyers, whereas sellers they will screw into the ground as much as they can as they know that new aellwra will come along to replace them.

I am not sure how to proceed with this, and to be honest I am in two minds whether to move aware from fiverr.

Your input on this would be much appreciated.


In other words what you installed, the plugin, didn’t work and you didn’t fix it.

The client should have a working plugin if that was part of the agreed upon order.

I do understand that it happened due to some changes they made but that still is the basic reason that the order got cancelled.


The work that I did was to write a 2 page cookie policy, 18 page privacy policy, install website security, make all forms compliant and the last thing to install a cookie bar. The cookie bar after he changed his website failed however the cookie policy, privacy policy didn’t fail.

However the cookie bar didn’t fail as such but the plugin that they have installed had prevented the bar from appearing correctly

If the cookie bar was in the original written order it needed to work. I’m not saying you don’t deserve to be paid. I’m just saying the reason that they were able to get a refund.

I do think CS should have let you know you needed to fix it immediately but they don’t do things like that. They just look at if the customer got what was agreed to and if not then they give a refund.

CS doesn’t take the time to look at all the details and reasons for the cookie bar not working, just that they see it not working and give the refund.

I understand that just frustrating that it took me 3 days to write the policies and 1 minute to install a cookie bar. And waiting 15 days to be told that it stopped working. Makes me wonder what the timespan on reclaiming back is. For instance can customer 6 months down the line reclaim there money back if something stopped working


This is baloney. Plugins break all the time as part of regular updates. WordPress 5 will be released soon and likely break tons of plugins. Does every buyer who has ever used Fiverr to have a website built, now have the opportunity to get a full refund because their site functionality hasn’t lasted a lifetime?

Plugins also break due to compatibility with other plugins. Specifically, plugins which it is unreasonable for a seller to know whether or not a buyer will install these at a later date.

Unless you offered a lifetime guarantee and support, you have not done anything wrong. If I was you, I’d look into contacting the web host your buyer is using and filing a petition for your websites removal. You should also notify Fiverr that because your work has not been paid for, any themes you used with appropriate commercial licences are now being used counter to their terms and conditions by your buyer, In this case, it is their responsibility to inform them that continued use of your work will result in a possible takedown request by the any such themes’ rightful owner.

They likely won’t take you seriously. However, this should make them stop and think before commencing with such action in future. On your part, now make sure to licence all your work and notify all buyers how non-payment issues will be dealt with.

Your mistake was not fixing it when they notified you and allowing ten days to go by.

I would have contacted customer support for a refund too if I had been your client.

Again, not saying you were wrong but letting you know how it works so you won’t have this happen again.

In short, yes. At least that is the broader implication here.

Absolutely not. The time limit is something like 14 days for a refund.

This was my point exactly plugins do break and when the order was signed off it was fully working. He has done some major changes since then and because the plugin didn’t work correctly after his work I loose out. Totally shocking

You could have sent him a custom offer for the extra work to be done. At any rate you should not have let it go for ten days.

As I said this is not to say you did something wrong. I’m just saying how it appears to customer support most likely. As if you were told of a problem and ignored it.

The cut off is not 14 days as the job had finished on the 4th and they have just refunded him this morning. So over 14 days

Ok I’m not sure then but I tried to explain to you the thought process of customer support so you don’t have this happen again.

You need to go above and beyond as far as customer service.

So rather then keeping to my deadlines with new fiverr customers of which I had a lot of at the time. I should have dropped everything for some free work just to fix the issues that the customer had caused? If this is the case I will never stop working

You are self employed and it’s up to you if you want to do more. I tried to help. I hope you can understand that.

I thought offering a free repair was going above and beyond but obviously not. Not have a go at you just frustrated and apologise if I come across this way as what you say is correct

Never offer free work the way you did. Send a custom offer or ask them to place another order.

The is misscrystal I will take that advice and from now on I will do that. Thank you for all your help :wink:

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Thanks I will do just that. I must admit I found it funny how he contacted me this morning prior to the refund asking me to help him as he had to shed the update on his website. But then blocked me once he gained a refund.