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Order cancelled by Customer support who violate its own ToS

Hi guys, so I just ran into this weird situation.

After spending more time talking to them, they are still standing their ground and just closing my ticket the second time now,


I am thinking of reporting them for violation of their own ToS, is this a wortwhile attempt or shall I just say goodbye to 3 days of my work ?


Yikes. You could request that they elevate this, maybe?

Your tone in your reply starts getting a bit confrontational, angry, and personal. It’s always best to stay professional, polite, and only use facts. Keep your personal feelings out of your messages so they can’t just claim that you’re whining, even when you’re not. The written word is hard to interpret without visual cues, so it’s best to stay simple in this kind of situation.


You would need to report them to them.

You could just report them on that same ticket. I doubt it would help however.

You might have noticed you get a different representative every time. As was pointed out above, you could try using the same ticket, but requesting escalation might be better.

Is there nobody who is watching the watchers ?

Maybe some spiritual guides.

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So the way it probably went was the buyer contacted them and said something like: “Terrible, horrible, technical term, technical term, technical term”.

I highly doubt that CS has means to “review” every delivery. I don’t know why they keep saying this. It can be something in some rare language, it can be a piece of code, etc. So when a buyer is persuasive and the topic is confusing, this may happen.

You can try to ask to escalate the matter like it was suggested but this tone won’t get you anywhere. I understand the frustration but they don’t like it when you’re frustrated. It’ll just get your ticket closed faster.


Is there a way you can post a link to it here so we can be the judge of what’s wrong? We have no way to tell what’s really going on.

I’m curious also.

It may be one thing if they didn’t like it or think the quality was bad, but an entirely different thing if it was somehow not usable.

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Asking them elevate or escalate, what does that mean ?

Sure, you can indulge your curiousity by reading from the image below.
Thats pretty much all there is to it, except for another ticket which got closed right away after I asked why it happened and then Miles message was somehow added to this closed ticket which is now open instead.

I did it once so maybe others will correct me on the procedure.

But you wait for 12-24 hours (because they don’t like it when they spam them), create a new ticket, copy/paste your previous two ticket numbers somewhere and ask someone else (preferably a team lead) to look into the situation. Mentioning that the previous answers have left you confused and while you were encouraged to contact CS agents for clarification, the tickets were closed immediately and you didn’t have a chance.

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Thank you, I will do that.

I think I would let the matter drop if I were you. Sending you this bit of advice with only the intention to be helpful. You are wasting your time in my opinion. Sorry this happened to you!

I can tell you that this is a very rare instance where they do this.


You may call it that, but to me it was a job :rofl:
FYI its meant to work on firefox or chrome and no mobile support

I’m viewing it in chrome. I don’t want to be critical of it since you are a very nice person so :zipper_mouth_face:

Just let it go. Just trying to help you by saying this. You won’t get anywhere if you pursue it.

Hey, now you ARE being too critical, I’d like to see YOU try and make a toilet paper look great :laughing: ! Besides The looks aren’t in question here as we didn’t get to that part, its about the interactivity, and customer had seen it from day one and he had no complaints after he saw the prototype, the only complaint from him was that it was buggy, which isn’t true.

Ok sorry, then go ahead and escalate it. My mistake. I didn’t say one word about how it looks.

Looking that that new information, you should for sure stick to just the facts, if you decide to pursue this.

Your first line “as you probably already know… i feel like Fiverr should protect…” sounds like straight-up complaining.

You’re not building an essay or writing a speech, you’re reporting an issue.

As for whether to pursue: I’m leaning on the side of ‘just drop it’ but I also understand the ‘I want to be paid for my work’ mentality.

I would agree to wait until tomorrow to send any more tickets, so as to cool down and think a bit more clearly, but rough draft a letter today and you’ll be able to view it with a better mindset tomorrow.

IF you pursue it, keep us updated?


For me, on Firefox, the first one doen’t unroll really when you move the mouse wheel (unless it’s doing it very slowly). It’s more like it’s twisting the very bottom of it without it really moving down the screen. The pixels at the bottom of it do change.

The 2nd one (the one with physics) does unroll when you move the mouse wheel - to nearly the full screen height.