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Order cancelled by Customer Support


I had an Incomplete order from more than 3 month. today CS cancelled this order and buyer account is not available on fiverr. So this cancellation is harmful for me?
Sorry for my English


If the buyer account is not available anymore, it means the buyer made a forced PayPal chargeback, which automatically disabled their account. Unfortunately nobody has control over chargebacks, so you’ll just have to forget about it and move on to the next order.

Be glad it was an incomplete order, as others have delivered big orders to see them refunded months later :neutral_face:


Thanks for your reply I think buyer violates fiverr rules it wasn’t a chargeback


Ask Customer Support.

As for your English ~ It’s not too bad, I understood it! :wink:


Thank you :grinning::grinning:


As i know it not harmful to your account. not sure your cancellation rating increase or not.


of course this harmful for your account. your ranking goes down.


2 month ago same happens with me.


same was with me.:diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds:


+1. Great feature to get free stuff from sellers! )


There order was incomplete I didn’t delivered any thing


But that wasn’t my fault :disappointed_relieved:


All cancellations count against our levels criteria apparently, whether it’s our fault or not. There is a chance that, internally, some could bear less weight than others.


It sucks :banana:, but that’s how the system is setup at the moment!


You waited too long. I wait 24-48 hours to cancel an order. I will nudge the buyer, I will tell him I need instructions, but if he doesn’t respond, I just cancel.

It may hurt my order completion rate, but what choice do I have?


Cancelled :laughing: I work for free.


Nothing to say. I never faced this type of cancellation


You are right.But I don’t want to increase my cancellation rate as I already cancelled many orders.


Is this another cancellation on top of the $10 one you had yesterday?


I find that it’s easier to raise your order completion rate than your overall rating rate. Going from 87% to 93% was easy, all you do is deliver a bunch of orders that they don’t cancel.

However, going from 4.7 to 4.8 has been impossible for me. It doesn’t matter how many 5 star reviews I get, any review at 4 or 3 lowers my score.

Also, nowadays you can see the individual ratings for each gig. If you’re at 4.6 and your competitors are at 4.8, I’d be more wary of bad reviews than of cancellations.