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Order cancelled by customers support

Hi guys
I had an order cancelled by customer support after it was remarked complete.
I didn’t accept the cancellation and now the buyer got his design and his money.
Not only one design but 3 designs and paid nothing what the hell is that?

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I worked sooooooo hard on this order to avoid cancellation because I was afraid of being demoted because of the cancellation my rate is 67% and I’m gonna be demoted again I really hate it

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I know not all buyers the same, but I’m saying it’s not fair to cancel the order after all the time and effort I spent

Keep doing hard working . Once my Order Completion rate was 65% but now it’s 100%.
Nothing is impossible.
Same thing happened with me , after giving five star review one of my client put a dispute as a result the payment was refunded to that client.

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Everyone crying here about fiverr system and fiverr not listening anymore
and fiverr losing there revenue too, that’s why fiverr increase there fee


yeah exactly what I’m saying the new system is not fair at all.
The promotion and demotion system, the cancellation policy, the unlimited revisions given to buyers(even if seller offer limited number) all of this is not fair at all.

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I’m doing my best but it’s really getting hard here


Unfortunately, this sounds like a dreadful chargeback.:grimacing:

Check the Buyer’s profile to see if it’s still active.


Today same thing happened with me, I lost 200$ this is not fair at all. If this continuously happened Fiverr will loss their revenue day by day.