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Order cancelled by fiverr and refunded

Hi, I had an order of $300 that I delivered and automatically marked as completed after 3 days. After some months, Fiverr messaged me: “The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support. The order funds have been returned to the buyer” and my current balance $33 deducted. Now my fiverr acount is empty. I want to know that Will Fiverr deduct the upcomming pending clearance money too when they would cleared? Will fiverr somehow deduct $300?

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“In rare circumstances where we find it appropriate, our Customer Support team may cancel a completed order even after 14 days have passed from its completion. In such cases, the amounts paid for the cancelled order will be returned to the Buyer’s Fiverr Balance and will be deducted from the Seller’s Fiverr Balance or, if there are no sufficient amounts in the Seller’s Fiverr Balance, from future revenues of such Seller.”

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


so Fiverr will deduct $267 more from upcoming future sells?


Yes. But you should ask why it was cancelled. Is the buyer still on fiverr or has their account been cancelled?

If it’s a chargeback and you have proof that you delivered the order correctly, then you MIGHT have a chance of reversing this. So ask why it happened.


that was my mistake not buyers

did the remaining amount also deducted from your account?