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Order cancelled by fiverr customer support for no apparent reason

So I delivered this order 10 days ago and the buyer was really happy and gave me a 5 star review and 5 dollar tip on a 45 dollar order but suddenly after 10 days, I receive a message stating that my order has been cancelled by the fiverr customer support and without any explanation, they just go ahead and cancel the order that I worked on and put in a lot of work.
The buyer had already 3D printed and prototyped my design files.
When I messaged the buyer, his response was that the model is okay and design is not bad, this is literally what he messaged and further states that he only needed some small changes to make it easy to manufacture and decided to go with the a local designer for the same.
How is that an adequate reason to cancel the order?
How can he just use my files and not pay me?
Furthermore, I have no idea who he is as fiverr protects the identity of all the users so I cannot even sue him for using my design/work.

I have no idea what I am supposed to do?
Does fiverr return money in such cases or will I never get my money back?

I have no idea what he told the fiverr customer support that made them cancel the order.


As stats in conversion, buyer already stats that he/she won’t able to wait that’s why he/she gets their work done from the a local designer. Buyer must be paid by local designer too, so how they can pay double amount. You also stats about a busy week, and that’s what not seems professional, I must refer you to read this


I already did the work on the order, he is referring to additional changes for which he was going to place a different order.
No, it was not a chargeback, it was cancelled by fiverr customer support.
He is going to use my files and do the changes on that file, not create a new design from scratch so are you implying that he can cancel the order because he has to pay someone else too?
I am not following your logic?
I have done everything we discussed in that order and yet he cancelled it because I was busy to take up another order which he was going to pay separately for?

As I don’t know what discussion/deals you both agreed on, but I just explained my point of view based on the screenshot of discussion. If a buyer pays a double amount for the same work then he/she should try to get the amount back where work not being done accordingly to his/her choice & the buyer successfully canceled order or successfully satisfied the CS. If you’re in the right position, then you have to wait for CS reply over this issue, nowadays CS response time is 8-10 days.

Okay, I did not mean to offend you in any sense.
The buyer is not paying double, I think you should read it again, the buyer left a 5 star review and even tipped me, he will pay a local designer to do additional changes on my 3d model that we did not discussed when closing the order. I even asked him if I can deliver the order and if we can close the order to which he positively replied.

This, sadly, isn’t a new issue:

As for what to do about it, maybe you can appeal to CS, IF YOU HAVE PROOF that he’s using your design. At the very least, you designed the prototype, even if the buyer is making changes.

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I don’t know which part of am missing, see screenshot where buyer stats this “I wanted u to do the changes but us busy I can’t wait more. Then i decide to make it new again from local designer” Hope bow it make clear!

By new again, he is referring to the change, not the whole design.

The buyer 3d printed them and also send the photos of those designs.
I have sent screenshots to the fiverr customer support but I am not sure if I will be refunded.

What so unprofessional about this busy schedule? So if you have a busy life, you are an unprofessional Fiverr seller ??

So Fiverr seller dont need to get pay for what he had already done for the 3D model? So I hire you and dont pay you. Because I found a better local seller ?

If someone paying for a deal or out of a deal & you agreed & then you’re busy it seems unprofessional. Also, it isn’t for all sellers, being a professional seller you either I can’t agree for out of scope job. As, I already said he has to wait for CS response, if his case is valid then Fiverr never refunds money to the buyer.

I am completely agreed on this point, but I didn’t mention that every buyer is doing this with sellers, so don’t get my point wrong. I am one of those who charged back to the buyer, but CS helped me & I got my money back because I explained to them everything with all possible details & results of the case came into my favor.