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Just received a notifcation that " ORDER CANCELLED BY FIVERR CUSTOMER SUPPORT" and now I am unable to contact buyer and when I am trying to contact fiverr customer support and entering the order ID in the box then it is showing INVALID ID . Can anyone help as it is affecting my order completion rate


Only fiverr customer support can help you.


Same here , Cs mostly help to buyers , But i don’t know why


Was the order complete? If so, then the buyer did a PayPal chargeback, which means Fiverr bans the buyer.

If the order was not complete, it may have been that the buyer did something that was against FIverr’s TOS and banned him.

Either case, your order completion ratio will take a hit, as Fiverr’s motto is “We don’t care who’s at fault, the seller is always to blame in the ratio/analytics.”


Order was started few hours back, now they are saying that customer account got deleted and we have to get this order cancelled and when I am asking for the reason , they are saying that we will not be able to tell you more about this. This is totally not done.

Why are we here on fiverr? not on other freelance website because we trust fiverr system but I think fiverr is not sure about this. They don’t care about us at all. It is none of their business that our order completion ratio will take a hit, we will lose sales,

Someday, when any other website starts favoring us, that will be the end of Fiverr.


You need to contact Fiverr Support.