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Order cancelled by fiverr customer support upon my request

the buyer placed the order and after that he said don’t want the work to be done, and he even didn’t submit the requirements and the order was not started, so after 2 days I contacted the support, and tell them the story, so after that they cancel the order,
therefore I wanna know will it be harmful for my profile?


If the order didn’t start due to your buyer not submiting the requirements, then why did you ask CS to cancel the order only after 2 days? :flushed:

You should have left the order to stand there for at least 7 days… :roll_eyes:


I agree. Leaving it 7 days before cancelling should make it have no effect on the stats (assuming that’s okay with the buyer). Sometimes CS have said they’ve cancelled orders with no effect on stats but that won’t always be the case. If they haven’t said it will have no effect it probably has had an effect. Ideally Fiverr could reduce the 7 day figure so orders could be cancelled if the buyer requests that, when they’ve not filled in the requirements, sooner.


If it was me, I would even leave it stand at least 15 days so to make it very clear the buyer had no intention to order - or simply let it stand there ad infinitum and forget about it.


I have one that is like 6 months old left with no requirements if I ask the support to cancel it, I’d still have 100% order completion? It’s been bothering me all time…

Hi @saaddennis

It should not affect your OCR. Take a look here but still, you can always contact CS to see what they say.

I think there was also a post talking about this but I don’t seem to find it, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:


i just ask the CS for solution that what should i do if something happen like that, because i was sure the buyer don’t want my service because he completed that work by himself , and the CS cancel the order after reviewing. and my completion order rating didn’t go down. but i am not sure it will affect for my gig search or not.

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Thanks for information I have a 3 month older order. should I asked Cs to cancel or I can also cancel order what will be effect on my gig ?

Yes a bit bad effect you will get for that. Because your order completion will be decrease. But its not for long time. Don’t be worry. Its not pro publicly.

for sure it will not affect your gig, i was having the same problem, because it will be canceled by CS, but i will suggest to keep them as it is.

it will not effect your completion rate don’t worry about that.