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Order cancelled by fiverr customer support

During last three days all my orders are cancelled by fiverr customer support. Most of them were even delivered and now I’ll not receive my revenues for them. Support doesn’t answer my requests. Does somebody know what the probem is?

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Were these orders from different people or the same people? It is likely somebody initiated PayPal chargebacks against you.

Customer support take a day or so to respond when you are a level 1 seller.

from different people.

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It happened to me too. This is what Fiverr Customer Suport said to me :


The transactions referred to were cancelled due to alerts from our security department. Alerts can result from a chargeback of the payment by the buyer, an alert from our payment vendor, or an alert from other users within our network of suspicious buyer activity. In such cases we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold for your own protection (for example - stolen credit card, other fraud activities…). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users. We appreciate your understanding.



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But I know…it would be nice if they-Customer Suport- could cancel BEFORE we deliver our work, not AFTER we deliver and waist our time for nothing.

anacristina89 said:
  • But I would be nice if they-Customer Suport- could cancel BEFORE we deliver our work, not AFTER we deliver and waist our time for nothing.

It is because the buyer does a charge back after they get their work :) That is something out of Fiverr's control.

I have had this happen to me before, luckily it was only 5$ but still, that person got off scott free and i looked like a jack *** complaining about it. protect your sellers, without them you dont have a site.


I thinks fiverr should introduce a better dispute resolution since crooks are constantly exploiting the order cancellation loophole. Currently it is possible for a buyer to purchase from you , then raise a paypal dispute and they receive their money back. I have lost over $700 and its time that fiverr thought otherwise. Blocking the buyers account does not serve any purpose since they can create another account and carryout the scam


It seems like everything is out of fiverr’s control… lately


Its happen to me :frowning: But I don’t know why…I didn’t do anything against fiverr rules…don’t know the Reason… :((

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This just happend to me, i delivered the goods and they even left me positive feed back i look today and it was canceled by customer support. Not happy about this!


The solution is with paypal. They shouldn’t make it possible to do a chargeback if you order something from fiverr. I think a company like fiverr that processes millions of transactions with fiverr could arrange something with the paypal guys to solve this issue.

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PayPal charge back. has been around and fivver team seems not to be worried at all since they don’t incur any loss. Until they will start incurring some loss am sure they will act sooner that later. I think Fiverr should provide 100% compensation for any Paypal charge back, they are too in business and they should participate in taking both profits and loss. That is at all there is nothing that can be done about the paypal charge back issue.


I lost $5 . very bad…very very bad. Whats wrong with fiverr team .What are they doing without taking our incomes 20%


Yes I had this same problem on my other account. No support from Fiverr at all. I used to think they were great but now I just feel scammed. I fulfilled almost 10 orders and they were all cancelled by Fiverr. They were all different people!!!

This was their reply:

"Our system has brought to our attention irregular purchasing activity originating from your electronic location. After further review, we’ve permanently disabled your account for violations of our Terms of Service. All feedback reviews given to a seller must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Any purchases arranged from services outside of Fiverr to enhance seller’s ratings or to abuse the Fiverr platform using fraudulent purchases will result in a permanent suspension of the seller’s account."

Completely ludicrous and I replied twice but no answer! It doesn’t make any sense. All the people that bought, as far as I knew, were legitimate, some of them people I know. I wasn’t charging extra or anything, people were paying through fiverr and getting their order through Fiverr so I dont understand.

The fraud here is them!! I ordered a gig too for myself for $15 and now I can’t access it…but of course Fiverr has taken the money :frowning:

Interesting conversation.

I am a consumer and just ordered a gig. I link my paypal account directly to my local bank’s credit card. I have been hacked before and refuse to go through the paypal bureacracy of trying to get money back I never spent. Therefore my bank monitors whatever goes through paypal.

My bank called me within 5 minutes after a fiverr purchase stating that irregular activity was coming from a site called fiverr in $5 increments and asked if I authorized this. Of course I said yes, but it makes me wonder if banks are not notifying customers and just chargeback the monies without the customers knowledge. It is apparent that fiverr is flagged with some banks (like mine) and tripping alerts. If customers are not notified or do not respond to alerts then orders will be charged back automatically by the banks. I have had this happened with other online payments.

I opted to be notified of “irregular” charges to my bank accounts, because of past hacks. Many people do not do this and the banks will just handle it on their own if they suspect foul play.

I am beginning to think this is more an issue with the fiverr payment gateway and not neccesarrily consumers being crooks. I am not saying there are not crooks, just giving the benefit of the doubt that some folks may not realize that their bank never paid.

I am thankful for all the artists here :slight_smile:


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Fiverr is popular , they should have a direct payment system now , why do they need paypal ? they can ask the buyers to register there debit or credit cards directly to itself .

Reply to @reverendspam: Thanks for this observation. :slight_smile:

Reply to @sunshy1: I believe they are only interested in taking the 20%… But if only the real CS come around the forum at least twice a week to see whats happening to the community. it would have been best!

The same was with me. I delivered order and now it’s just cancelled. It’s first time for facing with this problem. I’m upset ( And the profile of customer doesn’t exist any more. It’s ufair ((((((( Fiver should protect their sellers!

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