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Order Cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support

I don’t know why but i already delivered the work. The customer send me a hand draw image and i create the same illustration. But he said he don’t like it.
I was ready to cancel the order to give him refund but he request for revision and i decided to give him free revision but i asked for more days. Before that he claim to fiverr and customer support canceled the order. I am not worried about cancellation because i already offer him to give refund. I am worried about the effect of this cancellation because it is done by fiverr customer support not mutual cancellation.

Then you should have just issued a refund as you had promised of which you did not do for over 2 weeks. Assuming you are also ******* then why not respond to the same thread instead of starting a new one under another name?

Look, the seller you mentioned here, Al******** [rest of name redacted] has never used the forum. That seller is not from the same country as @hamzaumar, does not sell the same kind of gigs, and has a vastly different IP. There are hundreds of thousands of currently active sellers on Fiverr, many with cancellations of some type. There is zero reason to think @hamzaumar is related to the person you had trouble with.

@hamzaumar: There shouldn’t be reason to worry unless you have many non-mutual cancellations. Almost every seller gets one occasionally. Only high cancellation rates will really hurt you.