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Order Cancelled by Fiverr


I had an order from buyer which I didn’t notice whether I had delivered it or not but it was not in my queue, so I thought that everything is done which is not on my dashboard. But, today I got fiverr’s notification about my order that I have violated ‘fiverrr late delivery policy’ and my order has been cancelled. This way my account has been deducted $150 and refunded to buyer…

My question is that, if order was not delivered then why it was not on my dashboard?


Tell customer support the will sort it out some how… Just tell them your problem they will fix it and also tell the issue about your dashboard…


I will contact CS to get it resolved.


I dont think, they can help you with it . Sometimes it happened


Let’s see. I have messaged CS to get it resolved.


hope for the best .wish you best


Maybe it is a BUG. Please update once you get reply from CS.


Fiver team might not be able to resolve this issue. But its good that you notified them.


fiverr customer support can solve this issue


Lets see. I hope they could. But i have friends who not very often but sometimes do get into problems with buyers. Trust me CS never has come up with a satisfactory solution between buyer and seller. But what if the seller in this case contacts the buyer to whom the order was meant to be delivered. That might help if buyer reaches out to CS too and confirm the delivery?


I hope this will solve problem.

Best of luck bro :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. CS helped me to get it resolved. :slight_smile:


its look like a Bug, ask Fiverr customer support to fix it, same happened with me


Great. May we know what actually happend?


I actually had a similar thing happen to me. I caught it in time but I saw an order on my app was not on my dashboard. I messaged support about it and it was solved and so far I haven’t had any reoccurences. So next time or at least while you wait to hear from CS. Check through the app occasionally and make sure the orders match on the dashboard! I am so sorry that happened to you!
Stay strong! I’m sure CS will figure something out for you.


@shehryar_k91 @madyr9228 By mutual agreement of my buyer and me, we had decided to leave the order marked completed and then go with order without following deadline. That conversation between me and my buyers was caught by fiverr guys and then they immediately cancelled order by notifying that I am violating their Order Submission Policy, as I should have to take extend deadline from buyer rather than telling him to leave the order marked completed and go easy way as per mutual understanding without following deadline.

Overall, in simple words, I was caught to break Order Submission Policy and order was refunded to buyer.


@lalheera i see… yeah technically you did breach “Order Submission Policy”

Good Luck for the future


@shehryar_k91 Yes I apologized fiverr for that and will care next time. :slight_smile: