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Order cancelled by mistake!

Hi !

I just had a buyer cancel an order by mistake, she immediately sent me an email wondering how she could un-cancel since she was trying to add an extra, but I have no idea if there’s any way for her to do this or if the only thing to do is write customer support ! … Any help you can give me in this regards ?

Thanks !

Did you refuse the cancellation? That should work.

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Where can she do that ? …

I’m not too familiar with the buyers interface (and when I’ve bought, I haven’t cancelled anything, hahaha) and she’s new to Fiverr, so sorry for the dumb question, haha …

Actually, the refusal is up to you. Did you go to the order page or check your notifications for the cancellation notice from your buyer? The option should be there.

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Nope, can’t see it … I just wrote to Customer Support and I guess I’ll wait ! …

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Thanks so much for the help though ! :slight_smile:

Did the order page disappear?

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Yes … I think I can’t find it because the order was ‘late’, not because we haven’t communicated, but because she still hasn’t made up her mind and I’m still making changes !