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Order Cancelled - Can't Submit Ticket

Question- this morning I woke up and an order was listed as a buyer having canceled it- the order was completed fourteen days ago and the buyer left me a five-star rating. I worked hard, did the work, did a great job, and now it’s been canceled.

I tried to submit a ticket to support but every time I do it says ‘Delivery Failed, Please Try Again’.

This is the second time in a week this has happened- I had another order randomly cancel last week, it affected my completion rating and then the buyer re-purchased the gig right afterward for some reason.

This one has also affected my completion rating and I’m pretty sure that the buyer is using this article I wrote- she was really happy with it. I put lots of effort into my work (as we all do) and I don’t consent to it being used without the appropriate compensation.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this issue and why I’m not able to contact Fiverr Support about it.

Also- I had a random withdrawal of funds yesterday that I didn’t initiate- I’ve changed my password, etc., the money went no further than my Paypal, but it was still a random withdrawal.

Has anyone else had issues like this? I would prefer to talk to support about it but I can’t get in touch with them. I still keep getting the Delivery Failed message, over and over again.

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there always loop holes and some over smart people do like that, its a cheating, fiverr should stickily take actions against them.

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Contact them at I had the “delivery failed” issue too and got a reply per email within a few hours recently.


Thanks so much, I’ll do that!

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I’m just a bit confused- the work is out there, it’s being used, I got a good review for it- I’m not even so concerned about the money, although that was time spent out of my work day that I should have been compensated for- for me it’s that it’s the second time in a week that it’s happened with no explanation.

If it’s going to be a regular thing then that makes it impractical for me to continue to do this, and I really like it here- I enjoy Fiverr for the most part.


contact them directly at

Tell CS about the full project, the time you spent and what were the difficulties. Hope they will do something good. :slight_smile:

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fiverr dont think about sellers… they only think about buyers…

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you have to forget that incident and leave that buyer and start a new journey.
Hard work always pay :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Really - you’d be quite happy to carry on as if nothing had happened and let a buyer ‘steal’ your work?

You’d think so, but not if the buyer gets their money back - that’s working for nothing and doesn’t pay at all. :wink:

@canadianwriter - there does seem to be an intermittent, ongoing problem with CS. @miiila suggested the email address which does seem to work - good luck.


Like others have said, contact customer support. If the buyer accepted the order and left a review, they shouldn’t be able to cancel the order.

How do you know the buyer is using the work?

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@canadianwriter, no doubt fiverr is best the platform, but here sometimes buyers do unethical things or exploit sellers.:zipper_mouth_face:


Sucks! Sounds like a paypal chargeback - so basically the buyer disputed the payment - so he/she could enjoy a freebie, compliments of you.

They’re happy to leave a great review, knowing that the work was good, and best of all – they’re going to get it for free, eventually.

Unfortunately CS can’t/doesn’t do anything about that presently.