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Order Cancelled Despite Delivery and Good Rating and Remarks from Buyer - Cheating by Buyers?

Hi, one of the buyer who order a gig which I delivered with best services and he also rated it well and then he ordered another gig which he also received on time and with best of the services. Several days after receiving both the gigs when even payments were cleared for withdrawal by fiverr suddenly I gets a message that both the gigs cancelled and money sent back to buyer? I simply can not understand it and finding myself chated by the buyer or fiverr. I do no know.

Order IDs are: FO74247C4736, FO728CC2DC01

I’m not sure if Fiverr is a safe place for sellers, if this kind of things happen.

It sounds as though the buyer initiated a chargeback through Paypal or their credit card company. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that customer support will be able to retrieve the funds back. However, I am certain that action will be taken against the buyer to prevent them from using the site again, even though this is little solace to you.

I got buyer cancel order shortly after deadline even through he was okay with the small dealy and loved the picture. All money gone and negative review. Yeah.