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Order cancelled ,fund returned to buyer after delivery and work was approved

I delivered work,buyer accepted work,paid me ,and he left a positive feedback for me.
Now he cancelled the order and fund was returned to him i don’t know how he did that.with out mutually cancellation how order was cancelled.My fund was returned back to him.Now his account is no longer in fiverr.
After posting a request to fiverr ,my request is not submiting with order cancellation category.Everything that buyer did was just in seconds ,Dispute opened ,order cancelled then fund that i was paid returned back even he already accepted my work ,approved my work, left a 5 star feedback.

I think fiverr is not a safe place to work and get payment.If i get no help i will be leaving fiverr for ever .

Much disappointed from fiverr services.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thank You !


Have a search through the forum for ‘PayPal chargeback’.

Sorry this has happened to you. :frowning:


Much disappointed ,after a dispute is opened it has 3 days to check and repond to dispute ,This was done in seocnds,i think buyer is familiar with fiverr bug on which basis he is doint these.He is scammers and cheating in more advanced way

Thank you !
I am checking would that help me ?

Can’t do any harm!


It only helps you to understand how it happens. It will not bring the money back into your account.


I’m sorry this happened to you. It happened to me in the past as well. I will say that even though it seems like this happened quickly, it did not. In an unrelated issue, I had to initiate a PayPal chargeback with a company. I bought something and they never delivered. I asked PayPal for the refund and had to wait a week before I could escalate it to Paypal. Then, once I did, I have to wait 10 days for the company to respond to PayPal. If they don’t respond or admit that they did not send me the item, then I will get the refund. So, a chargeback takes at least 17 days to complete.

The problem with these chargebacks is that Fiverr does not seem to respond to the chargeback. There should be a system where if a client issues a chargeback on you, Fiverr should be able to see in the system that you delivered the product and received a review, which is the client indicating that they received the work. Unless Fiverr decides to start responding to the chargeback with evidence that we completed projects, we will always lose the claim.


yeah tracybarhart ,
i suggested fiverr for such system ,that first they should verify that pyment method is verified or not.
But that’s biggest drawback of fiverr they should take some steps to overcome this.

Thank you !

According to my knowledge Fiverr holding fees of any order we do for 14 days* after delivery. It’s term of Fiverr Policy and if there any issues regarding order from buyer, Fiverr will refund money to buyer.

  • 7 days for top rated sellers

If a Fiverr buyer uses PayPal, they can put in a chargeback up to 180 days after the purchase. :wink:

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i know,but it was something different called paypal chargeback.

:open_mouth: Really ,wtf ,if we make withdrawl :smile: within 180 days

Your Fiverr balance would become negative.

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That’s… strange. Do you just have to earn it back or can they actually charge you?

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You’ll have to earn it back. I tried that once on my first month here, I got a negative balance I forgot exactly how much but thankfully it was a small amount, around less than $10 because a buyer made a chargeback a few days after I made a withdrawal (he was some fishy buyer who got banned who asked much for so little – I should’ve known better but oh well hahaha lessons learned the hard way)

and yes it really says -$10 in the balance if it happens…


Yes Same happened with me today. After giving 5 star rating and order approved, i got notification that
The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.
The order funds have been returned to the buyer.

Order price was $250.
So buyer got all work for free. And seller can’t do anything. I am really disappointed with Customer service. they don’t even bother to ask me.
Sellers are not safe on Fiverr Now


I’m sorry that this happened to you. Unfortunately, all retail businesses deal with shoplifters, damage and theft. All online sites deal with things like chargebacks and fraud. Some you can fight and some you can’t, but owning your own business has it’s major advantages and it’s disadvantages. Good luck.


Btw, happy anniversary in joining the community! I can see a little cake beside your name.

Horrible. I am feeling so sorry for you,

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Yes ,Its not safe place to work ,when there are smart buyers you are not safe at fiverr.