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Order cancelled got cheated after working for 2 days

I had one bad cancel order worked 2 days for a guy first said your are going nice I like work and then at last cancelled order saying I didn’t receive what I wanted.

Any tips how to save from such things and make less cancels. I had aim to never cancel any order But my ist is on the profile

So sad
But no worries this happens to everone

You could have asked him what was wrong and you could have fixed it.

I asked him 10 times Ist time he agreed when I went again on and asked is this okay he said yeh fine you going nice ans after completion he cancled ordee LOL

An order is never cancelled by a buyer until YOU agree to accept that cancellation. The buyer did not force you to cancel; you CHOSE to accept his refund request.

If an order is marked as complete, then you’ve done the work. You should get paid for that work. Cancelling an order just because a buyer says he wants his money back, sets a bad precedence, and tells that buyer, and others, that they can take advantage of you. They’ll know that they can hire you, have you do work for them, and then just demand their money back after delivery so that they get your work for free.

NEVER work for free. It surprises me how many sellers still keep doing this. You did the work, you should get paid for it. End of story.


As a newbie, I appreciate this information. I have only completed two gigs. The last one was a letter of complaint to a land lord. After I delivered the order, I was concerned that the buyer could just retype my letter and not pay me. It is good to know that cannot be done.


Actually the matter is being a newbie I was afraid that I cancelled request almost 3 times but he kept asking so I though he might leave a negative review at the profile and it will have bad effect on the profile when buyers will see the -ve review

These things happen to the newbie. We are just afraid of these things but we should not coz we can’t always work and then they ask for a refund and our hard work goes in waste

You can’t be afraid of the possibility of a bad review. If you hold the mindset that you need to keep cancelling orders because a seller might leave a bad review, then you’re not going to get paid much here on Fiverr. Stand up for your work. Don’t let bad buyers take advantage of you.

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I Will keep this in mind to try hard to get money