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ORDER CANCELLED to avoid that?


ORDER CANCELLED …how to avoid that?

Here are few tips how you can master the cancellation game? And still serve customers who are in need to your product at the first place but before that make sure to drop a like if you like to get more of this stuff :

Tip number one: offer a refund up on clear conditions, if you agree to cancel your order don’t let this go over your cost, be very clear with the buyer about the consequences this may have on his initial order?

Tip two : ask your buyer to wait for 3 days or so and do never cancel right away , many byer change up there mind after that or just forget about it , it has worked for me 3 times so give this one a try

Tip three : to avoid a harsh cancellation , agree on additional fees with the buyer and let him know that his requested gig can be don a moor higher fee , in this case that he requested dos not fit to regular gig prices anymore and you are sorry for that -> sometimes just a money penalty will solve the problem for you

Tip 4 : stop being to defensive and never talk to the buyer about the damage this may have on your account , it’s all about him at the first place and so the cancelation

Tip 5 : in case the buyer is not responsive , feel free to contact fiverr customer support ( and let the fiverr team know that the buyer is not responsive ) you either will keep the money for your self ( in case you delivered the order ) Or in the other case fiverr Customer support will go through out an automated cancellation and your account will still in good shape and form 

That’s it for today! Let me know if you need any more advices feel free to comment down below if you have any questions

Have a great one !

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Really it’s very helpful for me, Thank you very much.

Thank you much brother

your wlecome sadadredwan looking to more topics in teh future ! :slight_smile:

your wlecome tl_shakil

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