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Order Cancelled Mutually, But Affecting My Performance

Six months of dedicated service earned me a Level 1 recognition.
Suddenly I received an order from an unknown buyer and straight sent an order that is noway within my scope. The buyer not even chatted before placing the order.
So I approached the resolution center and got the order cancelled by mutual agreement. But this is affecting my performance and shows me a notification that my order completion rate is less than 90.
I am a bit confused and frustrated.

  1. The work was beyond my scope of any Gig.
  2. The buyer did not discuss anything regarding his/her requirement before placing the order. So I did not have a slightest idea.

This notification of demotion again is a bit frustrating. More over, this has affected my Gig visibility as well.

What should I do?

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I wish there was some kind of help I could offer but we all are having this situation at times. You do have some time to get another order and hopefully bring up your rating.

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All cancellations affect our rating and ranking. It’s frustrating but that’s how it is.

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Thanks @misscrystal @mariashtelle1. But my next evaluation is due on January 15, 2020. Considering this to be a festive season, and if I am unable to complete any new order would I be demoted to the “New Seller” level again?

unfortunately yes. (20 char)

So frustrating! Pray I can complete a small order at least.

it will take more than one order… it is a percentage ratio, you can check @maitasun two topics that she created on how to calculate your ratio.


Thanks a lot @mariashtelle1.

Thanks for directing the OP to both topics, María. They’ll be of help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here you go, @chiradip_b. Please take your time to read through. :wink:

Losing & Regaining Points - Order Completion Rate (OCR)

Losing & Regaining Points: Rating (Part 2) - Maintaining / Gaining Points

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@maitasun. Thanks. This link is really helpful,. Need to read very slowly to assimilate the information.


You’re most welcome, @chiradip_b. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, both topics are long and, indeed, need to be read slowly, but worth the time you’ll spend doing so. :wink:

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