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Order Cancelled, Negative Review Remains

This is going to be a rant. But it ends with a lesson so stick with me. :blush:

I received a message a week or so ago from a potential client asking if I’d be interested in a medium sized project. It was for my naming gig. They said they tried another seller before me but that what they received wasn’t good. I do get this types of messages from time to time. There’s a bunch of people offering their naming services without knowing a thing about brainstorming names so I thought it’s possible. I didn’t ask who the other seller was.

We chatted a bit. They even asked what happens if they don’t like the names I give them. I explained that it doesn’t matter if they like the names or not, that what matters is wheater their potential clients like it or not. I also explained that all my orders come with one round of revisions because it’s hard to always get it right on the first go. They said they agree with this and that they accept my terms. The literally wrote: “Yes, I competently agree with you. I accept your terms, send me a custom offer here. Thanks.”

Anyway, we agree on the price and I start working on my order. They were very responsive, answered all my questions and seemed like an ok client. I delivered on time like I always do. I asked them to give my names a day or two as our perception of names changes over time. Within an hour or so they messaged me that the outcome of my work doesn’t reach their expectations and asked for a refund.

I found this strange. I do get a client from time to time that isn’t in love with what I deliver. But, they usually ask for a revision, which I always do. I deliver my work in a way that shows how I did it and why I did. This is usually enough for people to want me to do another round, even if they aren’t impressed with the first draft because they see my thought patterns and reasoning behind my decisions.

But here it was, no, don’t like it, give me my money back.

I declined the refund and wrote a calming message where I explained that I did the work we agreed on and that “I’m only willing to offer a refund if there’s something wrong (objectively) with what I delivered.” (direct quote from our conversation)

The next thing I saw was an angry 1-star rating. I understand that this happens and I wasn’t really all that mad about it. I did try to get it removed by CS since I believe the review breaks the TOS but they said no. What can you do? :wink: This is my first 1-star rating and I’ve had over 2,000 orders. I knew I’ll get one eventually. :slight_smile:

I was sure this is where the story ends.

Boy was I wrong.

I got an email yesterday in which The Fiverr Team informed me that the client canceled their order and that the funds were taken from my account. I was shocked because I didn’t know clients can cancel orders on their own.

I contacted CS asking them what happened and why. They explained that the client pushed for a cashback with their payment vendor. Exactly what I figured happened. Again, what can you do? I knew I had no chance of getting the funds back so I didn’t even ask CS for this.

What I did ask was wheater they’ll delete the 1-star rating the client left. I figured, that if they canceled the order they shouldn’t even be allowed to leave a review.

I guess I was wrong again.

I received the all familiar canned response stating that “Due to our Feedback Policy, cancelling an order for any reason does not remove the feedback on the order. As you know, when a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously.”

I was like, REALLY? Can someone explain the logic behind this? This makes no sense to me. The order was canceled, it’s only natural that the review gets taken down. Or am I the madman here who doesn’t understand how things work?

I really don’t mind the cancellation request. I don’t mind the 1-star rating. I understand that these things happen to freelancers. You take them as they are.

But I’ve never heard of someone leaving a review for something they didn’t even pay for.

But, the story doesn’t end there. Oh no :slight_smile:

I remembered that my client said they ordered the same thing from another seller. And that they weren’t happy with the delivery. See paragraph 2 if you forgot. I figured if they didn’t like the delivery there’s a good chance they left a negative review on the order like they did on mine. So I transformed into Sherlock. I googled “client’s username” + . This is a neat trick that should return all reviews the client left on Fiverr. But Google found nothing.

I wasn’t going to give up just yet :sunglasses:

So I searched for the exact review they left to see if this shows up in Google. What I found was an almost identical review that someone left on another seller’s account, in the same category, posted a week before mine was posted. And the most curious thing was that the reviews weren’t left by the same account.

The other seller in questions is @jonbaas . I know he’s active on the forum and I hope he sees this.

Here’s the review I received from my client. Let’s call them CLIENT-1: “I don’t think he deserved the money. For me, it was a poor work. I paid $45, I was expecting something good but I did not receive it at all. I won’t be using any of them. The seller refused to refund. Communicating was okay. I highly REGRET my decision! Not worth it.”

And here’s the review jonbaas got from CLIENT-2: “I don’t think he deserved the money. For me, it was a poor work. I paid $50, I was expecting something good but I did not receive it at all. I won’t be using any of them. He sent me foreign names, and those are very hard to pronounce. Not worth it.”

These are almost identical. Something smells fishy here.

I informed CS about this.

Here’s my concern - is it possible that someone is making dummy accounts, buying gigs in the same category, leaving negative reviews and then filling for a cashback with the payment processor? Could it be that someone is trying to get rid of the competition?

This might be far-fetched, but something doesn’t feel right here.

What worries me is that we, sellers, are left with no defensive mechanism here. What’s stopping someone from making 10 dummy account, leaving 10 negative reviews and then getting their money back from Paypal. The reviews are apparently there to stay. I can see a bad person doing a lot of damage if they decide so.

I hope jonbaas can share if his order was canceled also. We might get to the bottom of this.

Thanks to everyone who decided to read the whole thing through. I want you to be aware of these things and to do whatever you can to protect yourself. :hugs:

Keep on standing tall doers :sunglasses::hugs:


PayPal chargeback - the client’s account is gone. Nothing to do with Fiverr, but if you ask them nicely, they may be able to get you some of your money back.

Reviews from cancelled orders sadly remain regardless.

Can’t help with the rest of your theory I’m afraid, but good luck! :sunny:


I had an experience with some similarities with yours:

  • a client who said in his first message that he was not happy with another sellers’ job
  • then said that he didn’t like my job (no reason, no explaination…)
  • when I insisted to have some explanation I understood that he really didn’t know anything about the job he asked me
  • I also transformed into Sherlock :wink: and found 2 bad reviews from this buyer for the same job made by 2 other sellers (1 seller had more than 300 5star, and only one bad review from this buyer).

After my experience:

  • if someone tells me that he wasn’t happy by the job of someone else, I ask him to see the job of the other seller to see who was wrong (seller or buyer)
  • when I feel that the potential buyer can be one of these “strange” buyer I transform into Sherlock before the order.

This would make more sense if Client 2 had their account terminated, but they did not. The person who left Jonbaas that review still has his account up and running.

Also, like I have said before, the idea that someone is potentially spending 40-50 dollars a pop to leave a single bad review on a sellers page in the hope that within 60 days they have a better chance of making money is ridiculous.

Maybe you can make a case of targeted harassment if they bought multiple gigs at once and then left bad reviews on all of them. But the idea that someone is going around, making a million accounts that all use different credit card information and contact details on the idea of eliminating the competition? That sounds like a crazy nut conspiracy to me.

First of all, Fiverr is not that stupid, it knows when it is being duped, and prevents this from happening. Secondly, when there is a PayPal chargeback, the account is deleted, and Fiverr can generally tell if someone is tricking the system. In fact, they ban accounts who cancel too often, let alone chargebacks.

Also, Paypal doesn’t allow that many chargebacks. They would need multiple PayPal accounts utilizing various different IPs and a proxy to ensure anonymity. The idea that someone would go through all that effort to mess with your Fiverr gigs for 60 days is crazy.


I know this is highly unlikely. I said in my original post that this is far-fetched.

But the almost identical review made me suspicious. I guess it’s just one of those clients that are never satisfied.

Is there a reason why someone would create 2 accounts for 2 orders? Do they get a welcome bonus for a fresh account?

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Is this true? I doubt this seeing how Fiverr gets nothing from chargeback which means they’d have to give me something from their own pockets…

Believe it - it’s true:

Hope you can get a similar result. :sunny:


They might have forgotten their password. They may have had their other account banned. They might even be trying to scam you out of money for doing work.

I don’t think Fiverr does that, but I may be wrong.

I can confirm that the order – from the client who left me the review you noted – has not been cancelled. I didn’t have any problems with the client during the completion process, and the work I delivered was of high-quality (and exactly matched his request). I can guarantee that he was feeding you a lie when he said that, “he tried another seller before [you] but that what they received wasn’t good.” The work he receive from me was, most definitely good. I do not deliver poor quality work.

After my delivery, the buyer in question sent me a message (outside the order), claimed my work was terrible, and threatened that he would leave a negative review. I politely explained the situation (much as you appear to have done in your experience), and then few hours later, he left his false negative review.

To be completely honest, I felt there was something fishy from that experience. I am of the belief that that particular buyer had no idea what he wanted, and had set the bar so high that not even an expensive brand firm in New York could have made him happy. Alas, there are buyers like that out there.

Whether this means that my client was the same one you had to deal with is not something I have any data to confirm. But, the above was my personal experience with that seller that left that review. Maybe he’s the same guy with a different account, maybe not.

You are right, though, the reviews do seem to be remarkably similar.


I believe you. I never got to see the names you got him. I’ve seen your work before and I know you know what you’re doing :slight_smile: At that time I had no idea who the first seller was. I always google potential clients when they say they tried someone else before me.

Sounds like my guy. I have a set list of questions that I use for my naming orders. I followed the instructions and their answers to the point. And to be honest, I was very happy with what I came up with. Seems like you were caught off guard, as was I since prior communication with the client didn’t indicate there might be troubles afterward.

I learned to recognize really bad buyers from the way they communicate and I’ve dodged a few rotten apples for saying no before the order began. This wasn’t the case here.

Doesn’t matter at the end of the day. I felt the whole thing was a bit sketchy and I thought I’d bring it out.

Thanks for replying :sunglasses:


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

The same review thing is the real sketchy part. I mean I think that’s a dead giveaway that they were the same person. I mean, what’s the chances those reviews align like that on accident?