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Order cancelled without any reason?

I got an order and I start working on the project and deliver the project after 4 hours. The buyer sand the request of cancellation without any reason. When I asked him whats the problem He cannot reply to me then I accept the request for cancellation. What can I do about this?


It is wise to cancel any order through fiverr support.


If you’ve already accepted the cancellation request then there’s nothing you can do.

If you have not, then decline the request.


It is very sad news!

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If he gave me bad review?

It happens, Try to communicate your buyer and tell them the real situation most of the times it works.

If seller already accept the cancellation…, why should communicate again?
Plus…, based on the seller story…, buyer didn’t provide any feedback and suddenly open cancellation dispute…, for me…, it’s not a good customer. Better to block this buyer.
The order is failed. Seller need to move on…,

If Buyer decide to cancel the project, Seller won’t get the money, and Buyer can’t leave any review.

Wish you luck.
and meet a good customer :slight_smile:

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Same to me before. Don’t worry. Keep going.

I have no idea.
If your buyer try to cancel the order so you have to cancel.
Or you can contact with fiverr seller support. I think they will help you. I’m not 100% sure.
It will be good if you cancel the order. Otherwise if buyer go to buyer support so you will get a report. It will be very harmful.
Very bad luck. :sleepy: :sleepy:

You don’t always have to cancel the order if a buyer requests for it
It’s not a must

if you have already done the work and it’s a scam buyer
you accepting the cancellation will simply give them more courage to keep doing the wrong thing

better contact Fiverr support and take their help resolving the issue
the order is delivered so you can decline their request to cancel

yes sometimes it’s better to cancel the order than to argue with the buyer and get a negative rating
but you should at least know the reason why

if the buyer is trying to trick you to get free work, you can report them to support as well
it’s not only the right of buyer to report sellers

and if you’ve done the work that was agreed for the order then you have nothing to worry about

You have accepted the cancellation request. The is the end of the matter.

You ask what you can do. The answer is learn from the experience.

Never accept a cancellation request if you intended to fight it.