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Order cancelled without negative consequences, CS response within 5 hours

A buyer (business client / VID) bought my gig with 30 day delivery (30 minute zoom call consultation) and then ignored me for 3 weeks. They then asked to pause / extend or cancel the gig.

I was happy to do either, my only concern was that it would hit my stats as I’m about to reach level 2 and it might also have a knock on effect to gig ranking. Regardless the buyer went quiet again.

I searched the forum and the consensus was that nothing could be done, this would hit my stats, but it would only be taken into account for 60 days. It’s not a big deal I know, I’d get over it, but the principle of it annoyed me. Why should I suffer? It just didn’t seem right.

Anyway, I messaged CS last night and woke up to a response this morning.

The order has been cancelled. My completion rate remains at 100%. I don’t know how this may affect ranking / impressions, time will tell, but I have to say I was genuinely impressed by CS.



This is what surprises me. I have been using Fiverr from 2017 and even as just buyer or new seller I always got a fast respond to all my CS tickets. I do not know why most people report their tickets are taking days. Even in last 8 months I got reply well within 2-12 hours of opening ticket.


I know what you mean @marinapomorac . I have some theories… I believe fiver ranks its users in terms of value / revenue they bring to fiver, and gives support accordingly (beyond seller level). I had a previous CS issue, initially I got a boiler plate response then after I followed up got a very proper, apologetic and kind response that was well thought out.

To be clear, I’m no better than anyone else. But, because I spend money on fiver I think fiver looks after me.

If I sell for $100, they make $20 plus service fee. I then spend that earned $80 on a gig, fiver again makes $16 plus service fee. Therefore from that initial $100 they’ve actually made 36% commission (plus service).

Additionally, keeping money on the platform doesn’t earn me interest, but I bet it earns interest in fivers bank account! I’m sure they like that too.

This is just a theory and we all talk about the mystery of the algo and what we can’t see, but from a business / revenue point of view this makes sense to me.

There could be truth in this. I sell but I also buy on Fiverr, and for 3 years I was mostly buyer, not seller, and I got VID status long time ago.

Everything is evolving!, So this progress shows me that it brings us a bright future for all the hard work people.