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Order cancelled

Hello Fiverr team,

I am matrics. I have done my job with one buyer pluribus7158 . And one order has been completed. And second order is on hold with Buyer. and he blamed that I did not done my job. And he cancel the order. I need to ask this why you cancel the my order without asking to me. if you need the any infromation I’ll provide you. I think you have to open the case with buyer and me and you. then you will have to identify the who is the correct.



Hello Matrics

Fiverr will not ask the buyer and there is no meaning to fight with buyer regarding cancellation of order.

Buyer Cancel the order NO ISSUE. Ask Him to remove the negative review of order cancellation by offering him work in FREE and Focus on Maintaining good number of Reviews.

If you have higher rating then a lot of buyer will come up with bigger amounts of order, but if you fight with your current buyer and take money with negative reviews then it’s bad for your future.

In Starting don’t think about money just focus on Positive reviews. You will automatically start making money after getting good rating.

And There is very high chance that buyer will not response on your messages. So, Be Quick and write a good and impressive message to buyer and request him for removing negative review of order cancellation. Otherwise Fiverr will not remove the negative reviews and it’s give bad impact to your fiverr profile.

God Bless You

  • Sumit Ojha (Website Designer)

I have the same problem. I completed my 2 orders on 1st Oct, the buyer (yoshibros05 - now his account is no longer in fiverr.) had already marked it as completed orders. The funds cleared on 14 Oct and 16 Oct, but i recently got notices that my buyer has cancelled the order today (19 Oct) and the reason of the cancellation was because I missed the due dates (I didn’t miss the due dates tho). As a result, I lost my money. Everything that buyer did was just in seconds , dispute opened, order cancelled then fund that i was paid returned back even he had already accepted my work, approved my work, left a 5 star feedback. What shoud I do? Can I get my money back? Or at least contact the buyer?

Accept it as a bad fate and work on other order, choose clients wisely and do not waste time to contacting CS, they are utter disappointment.

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