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Order cancells everyday :(

Hello community. Im very angry with people who order my gig and after couple of minutes they say that they want cancel because they ordered wrong gig.

Im selling instagram likes and im getting good quantity of orders everyday but im getting a lot of cancells because of this buyers that may hurt my rating.

My gig description clearly says the same thing that im sending only likes, same says gig title and picture. Whats wrong with this guys?

Im getting about 10 order cancell everyday and i have to mantion that a lot of that orders are 15$ orders and 25$ Lol

Right now i cancell order for one and after minute got other 15$ order and buyer says he ordered it for followers OMG :smiley:

I hear you buddy.

It’s happened to me a few times too. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do other than create a short video (with audio) that explains what you offer for five bucks.

If it continues to happen, contact Fiverr Support and let them know. Hopefully they can look into your issue.

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