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Order canclled by fiverr support and buyer can no longer be contacted

Just a moment ago order was cancelled by the fiverr support and customer can no longer be contacted, what is this?
My order completion rate went down, what was my fault ?


Same buyer came from other fiverr account and was saying her account was hacked by someone that’s why this happened and her account is banned completely. And was asking me to start order again. I did not started order with her again cause I can’t take risk.

Is the buyer spam or what?
This is the email I received from fiverr.

“Funds were returned to the buyer”


Why did this happened?

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Is he on Fiverr now? I mean, is his profile active? Or does it say that the person is no longer on Fiverr when you try to visit their page? If it’s the latter, then he most likely did a chargeback from his bank or PayPal. When that happens, Fiverr automatically refunds the buyer.

Her profile is not active now

Please read my update part

Can I write to fiverr support for this issue?

yes contact fiverr support about this

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Problem is now solved :slight_smile: with the help of CS

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