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Order cannot be completed


I’ve completed two orders but they didn’t marked as completed yet. i ask my customer to do so. he says he did. he sent me a screenshot too.

but still my order page looks like this,

this happened for two orders (from same buyer), he said he didn’t got any form to fill a review too. is anyone experiencing this? any explanation?


That says “thanks for reviewing” and “order completed” so it looks like he did review it and it did complete.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought something so I don’t know how that should look.

I had one client who said the same thing, that they couldn’t see where to leave a review. I see from the screenshot that the page is indeed wrong.

You can send that screenshot to customer support and ask them about it.


hmm maybe. this is the previous order,


bottom bar it says “order completed”. but at the top it says “order delivered” not “order completed”. below says “Thanks for reviewing” while the top bar saying “please review” What the… :sweat_smile:

Send those to customer support please and ask them about it. Then come back and let us know what they said. I had the same thing a few days ago, where buyer said there was no place to put the review.

It must be a bug.

I do not get nearly as many reviews in the past two weeks so maybe that’s the reason.

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hmm… i’ll contact support.