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Order closed but not received my PSD files and no complaints process

I ordered a logo and answered all the questions asked, and did the usual to and fro. I then went away on work for a bit and the designer submitted the changes and the order was closed.

However I paid for the PSD/AI/EPS files and only received the PNG files at fairly low res. Because the order closed (or was closed) Fiverr gives me no way to complain about this and the supplier isn’t responding.

What gives Fiverr? Why isn’t there a formal complaints process by which I can inform you that I haven’t received my full order? The only text I can see tells me to contact the seller, which I have done.


Buyers have 3 days after the seller delivers the order to review what they’ve received and, if necessary, to request modifications. If the buyer does nothing during these 3 days, the order is automatically marked as complete.

If the seller doesn’t respond to your messages, you can contact Customer Support with screenshots and ask them for help.

it may say complete in 3 days but he can leave a bad review and or tell the seller I really need the file or I will have to tell Customer Support most likely he or she will help in any way then, don’t let a seller abuse the buyers as they make us money.