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Order Competition Rate Issue

Hello everyone,
I am recently engaged in freelancing after 2 years and I modify my existing gig slightly and make it active.
Now, I am looking forward to giving full time in Freelancing. Now as a new seller from the buyer end, I get a complicated task that has been posted to the buyer’s request.
I manage the half part but the rest of the part is getting beyond my experience. So, I have to do a mutual cancellation with the seller.

But now the order competition rate is denoting 50% over 60 days and It’s giving me a red mark in the profile.

Is there any possible solution to get it clear before 60 days, by targeting it more than 90% is getting impossible now, as I guess in the buyer’s request they are reading my proposal but don’t give me the order due to the order competition rate?



Buyers can’t see your completion rate stat.


Is order completion rate visible to buyer?
Mine one was 56% but I got orders and I improved it to 83% now despite being part time on fiverr.
It is pretty much possible to improve it, if you get orders.

But but as I passed 82% my gig was put on last page by cute little fiverr algo from first page.

What went wrong I dont know but as a full time freelancer you can improve it.


56 to 83 in just 25 days part time.
I am just trying to encourage you.

So it turned out problem lies somewhere else.

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Thanks for the suggestion