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Order Compilation Rate

Order Fulfillment in the Fiver Community is now seen as a panic. Many people have lost their level so far only for this reason.

There is a huge problem in the systemic manner here.

Let’s say that in the month of A cellar, 10 project compact ray earns $ 2000, but Project B seller completes 60 projects and earns 500 dollars. Only one order of cellar can lose the level of cancellation, while cellar b can kill 3-4 orders every month!

This means that the quality is giving importance to the quantity. The result may be confusing.

But the main problem is in another. I have been seeing some buyers for a few days without ordering. And the specific gig is often submitting one and a half times work. Sellers no longer want to do anymore to fear losing the level. So Fawn Bayer is taking advantage of this. If they do not do the discourse, they will get double profits.


The solution is very simple. Buyer can direct order. But cellar’s altitude or right wright should be like a workbook. If more content is more than gig, then cell will be able to write the reason before the order starts. Which will not affect Order Completion Rate.

What can we do now?

Now we have to knit a fiver on All Sellers and understand the problem and solution. Especially the top rated people can play a good role in this regard.

I understand you’re asking about cancellations, but I’m not sure where the cellars or knitting come in?

Try this:

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You lost me. The cellar’s altitude? Wright right?

I am guessing you mean that if the buyer wants more than the gig offers it should not affect the seller’s completion rate.

If you contact customer support when this happens, they can cancel the order and it will not affect your level. This was just discussed as a new and important change.

I’ll try to decode this message, I believe OP is trying to say.

Now we have to unite as Sellers on Fiverr and understand the problem and solution. Especially the Top Rated Sellers can play a good role in this regard. :grimacing:

So, OP is calling all sellers, TRS in particular to solve this problem. Or at least find a way to deal with it.
This is only a smart guess!

Cellar = Seller
Bayer = Buyer
Cellar’s altitude = Seller’s attitude

Hope this helps!


I’m an English conversation teacher and my students use rather unique English quite often (I even made comics about it…) , and I personally believe your decoding is pretty darn accurate.

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